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  1. :smoke:I have spent way to much time, spacing off into the tv, and playing video games.

    video games is like practing a craft, that has little to do with surviving in the worl, and is (in my opinion) not realy a form of art.

    I know a few kids that have songs on dance dance revolution memorized, and they use a key board or controller, not even the pad!

    so, the TV is off, I am hacking at a few books for the first time in my life, and when I am bored, I pick up my guitar.

    I enrolled in college(about time)

    Im on the up and up
  2. Good job, man!

    No more lazy, stoner stereotype. I haven't owned a tv in 2 years. Although, I do like some video games.

    But, reading, hiking, and travel. Always expands the mind. :)
  3. Yeah man, 3 cheers for taking initiative and bettering yourself. What college?

    Good Luck!
  4. Not true. People make a living off of winning video game competetions.

    But it's a question of balance. You can enjoy TV time and video games but you gotta make sure you get some good excersize everyday and some outside time, also some people time.
  5. good shit man!! (as i'm playing xbox360)
  6. ya people make money of playing video games, just I dont have the time or ability for that

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