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Realization moments

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DatReefa, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Ya know that moment of when your high, and then the deep thinking kick in? And you think so far deep in your thoughts it stufff you wouldnt of realized if you werent high. Well those are the moments I love. If youd like, share your moments.
  2. "My lord ..I can feel the couch lock creeping up on my legs, almost as if there were tiny shadow babies pulling me into the core of the cushion."
  3. Yeah and 90% of the time once you're sober you look back at that wonderful revelation and think, "Man I was fucking STONED!" :laughing:

    The best moments of realization for me have come when I'm completely sober and in meditation. Entheogens are crutches really. True enlightenment comes from within, without the aid of any drug.

    Just my experience. I don't doubt some people have great revelations while stoned.
  4. Happens all the time to me and my friend. We'll be talking for a while and then stop for like 10 minutes straight and think. Then one of us will realize that we haven't talked forever. Good times
  5. It's what Mary Jane is known for doing very well, indeed. :hello:
  6. I love those deep thinking sessions you get while stoned, it's one of my favourite things about weed :smoke:
  7. I have a hard time remembering what I thought or did while I was high. My friend and I have had this dillema for a few months now. Lately whenever we`re together high, a part of our day/night will become a black out.

    However, yes I do go into deeper thinking. Although I may not have come to any sort of realization, but definitely think in a way that I hope to get one sometime. Usually in these moments I`m quiet. I can never voice these thoughts stoned. Not sure why.

    They say if you could hold onto the courage you have drunk, you can rule the world. I say, if you hold onto the thinking you have when you`re stoned you could revolutionize the world for the better. (That is to say we acted upon these deeper thoughts, rather than the random laughter.)

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