Realistic driving game with cops?

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  1. I was wondering if theres a game like one of the need for speeds that has realistic cars like forza? I havent played the recent nfs's, the last one i played was carbon and that was the usual nfs handling and car physics. But id really enjoy a game like forza thats on the streets with cops and shit.
  2. need for speed most wanted I guess.

    in my opinion the best need for speed.

    could try out burn out: paradise city, that's pretty fun too.
  3. Yea but need for speed just doesnt have the realistic handling.
  4. saints row the fourth
  5. Grid?

    Or dirt maybe?

    Not sure really. Racing games arent very plentiful
  6. I'd say the most realistic handling in a game was GTA IV. Unlike games like Saint's Row, you couldn't make 90 degree turns at 100mph :D
  7. the new forza horizon is sick, you should try it out
  8. I think dirt was the best, that game is fucking awesome

  9. Didn't they remade this year?
  10. If you are looking for a realistic driving game I do not suggest GTA IV if you want to be making 180 degree turns going 200mph in a second. Saints Row the Fourth would be my choice

  11. yea thats definetly on my wish list.
  12. there is this game called real life

    its got teh best graphics, only one life, no saves, no restarting, it features everything you would want to do......

    tho in that game i wouldn't suggest running from cops :p

  13. yea hence why im looking for a game i can do that shit. I already played that game youre talking about, pretty sick but when you loose your tail with traction control on doing 90 kph and head straight for a brick fence things dont work out so well...
  14. Get need for speed shift 2. Its got realer handling than pretty much any racing game I've played. Its not like the rest of the franchise.

  15. yea that games just like forza, i played shift 1. Even that games not as good in realism as forza 3. The cars handle well, but you can still tell theyre out a bit. Im gonna get horizon in a week or 2. But im still sussing out the newer nsf's to see if there any more real. Horizon looks dope but.
  16. Yea I dig it. I just like that cars actually took damage, they'd pull if you messed one up too bad. You have to take off the auto-brake feature and shit to give you full realistic control. I bought the steering wheel when I played it and that my friend, was badass.
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    yea dude, im gonna go all out and get a fenatec racing wheel, pedals, gear stick, hand brake for my 360 eventually those are sooo good for forza. I had a look at nfs most wanted (the new one), it looks fun and all but its still got the nfs stupidity of crazy unrealistic cars oh yea and rechargable nos :|, so i dont reckon id enjoy it. Cant wait for horizon though!

    If anyones got any other suggestions of what i might be looking for drop a line, if not someone get of there arse and make the most kick arse driiving game that so many people have been waiting for.
  18. GTA IV for PC. Mod the shit out of it. Replace all cars with real world cars to your liking. You can also edit the handling of the cars to make it even more realistic. The only problem with modding on GTA IV, is the fact that once you replace a few cars, the game cycles the same car over and over until you get to a different part of the city. So far I haven't been able to find a fix for it.

    There is also a mod where you can play as a cop and pull people over and give tickets and shit.
  19. all the real driving games are for pc sadly =\

    18 wheels of steel has a lot of different games...

    euro truck simulator....

    hell theres even a russian city driving simulator to teach you how to drive haha although it would be hard considering everything is in russian :p

  20. na i cant stand pc driving games, having no accelerator, brake and steering control is shithouse with a game like forza.

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