real world sydney

Discussion in 'General' started by fm_skunk, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. the premiere was pretty good...

    how FUCKING hot is that girl kellyanne?!!? (the slutty brunette)

    the season is worth watching, just cause of her hah
  2. Interesting, what channel does this show air on?
  3. MTV? I'd rather watch something on TVO or any other channel.

  4. Real World? lol Its funny how people think that shit is actually the "Real World" that we live in.

    Its all these teenaged girls that watch this shit religiously and get the thought put in their minds that life is all about Drama and all the other obnoxious gimics they do on that show. They get me mad.

    Its the Dumbing Down of America though mass media.
  5. the last season in denver was better, the gay white dude called the big black guy a it was great.
  6. haha i actually caught some of it today as i was packing. ya shes hot, actually all the girls are hot on here, with some make up on, id fuck all of em. but i doubt if i will set my shit to watch this season. ima bio channel fiend
  7. Did the period really change the word?
  8. yeah it did, otherwise it would look like this: ******

    what the fuck is the world coming to that a weed forum censors racial slurs? come on now.
  9. Anyone could have figured that out.
  10. I don't really remember the premier show, I was on 40 robotussins tripping balls. But I remember thinking to myself that the show's pretty good and all the girls are hot except for one.
  11. Agreed, Real World is pure trash.

    Along with almost everything else they play on MTV.

  12. Know you from Houston dat boy gone off dat tuss i feel you tho
  13. hal ya im down fo dex homie but damn scewston? shit wheres the fuckin barre? the sizzurp, the codeine drank, that texas tea
    fuck dxm if you can get the real thang
  14. when are they going to have real world amsterdamn i want to try and get on that one :smoking:
  15. Hahaha I had some lean saturday night and was jammin to screw

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