'Real women' as a euphemism for overweight women

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  1. I can't stand how women are always deriding thin girls for not being 'real women' if they aren't bigger than others. A lot of women put a lot of effort in to looking they way they do and then not even get recognized as real, over petty jealousy.

    Of coarse they are real; if they fell in the woods they'd make a sound :eek:.

    I'm so sick of dudes that I know sucking up to the girls that they know..

    -Paras Hilton? OMG like ewww, blah blah blah unrealistic standard of beauty blah blah blah This is what a REAL woman looks like *head bobble and finger snap* blah blah blah it's not fat it's curves.

    Just STFU already

    Don't get me wrong I like a little meat on the bones I just hate the fact that society has changed so much that it's normal to be overweight and that thin women are frowned upon.
  2. I'm curious as to what your definition of overweight is...?

    You don't think overly thin models/actresses/singers/etc. set an unrealistic standard for beauty? I definitely do. There is a reason why we hear of so many of these people having eating disorders.
  3. in what society are you living in?

    When models are a size 8 instead of 0-3 then maybe ill agree that thin is frowned upon....thin is definately in for America
  4. yeah op, its pretty much the opposite. skinney girls= frowned upon by jealous, big girls= frowned upon by most*

    *just an example, dont hate on me everyone
  5. It was easier to stay thin back when we had famine and TB.
  6. I'm not talking about supermodels who live on celery and lemons, here.

    I'm talking about your average woman in or under the healthy weight range
  7. ehhh...in your original post you mention Paris Hilton. :confused:
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    I was exaggerating for effect, sorry.

    EDIT: Paris Hilton has devoted her life to looking good (waste of a life IMO), why can't people let her have that?
  9. *squeezes fat stomach*

    Can I suez macdonaldz?

  10. the media rules the world...the average woman's beauty is measured in her resemblance to these super models and public figures...you can say what you want that is the truth...even me and you..our views of beauty are what has been taught and what is still being taught today.

    Thin is still in lol
  11. Oh I agree with you about the media, but girls are fucked either way. Every time I see a magazine rack i see something about somebody being 'dangerously thin' or 'lumpy' (or something), whatever you ladies do your gonna get people that want to make you feel bad for it.

    But seriously, didn't Beyonce get voted as having the 'best body type', being bigger is definitely in. The supermodel body is a dying thing; I mean, who cares about supermodels anymore :confused: (except maybe people in fashion and modeling cliques). It's a shame in a way.
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    Are you a girl?

    And yeah, I do hate that, because I'm tiny and sometimes people would say someshit like that around me (but in regard to celebs). I mean, just because I'm not a celebrity doesn't make me any less of a human; much less a woman. Point is, I'm just tired of how overtly jealous the female species are with other females. I wish that women could get along, like how men do in their friendships with other men; which is why I've spent most of my life hanging out with the opposite sex. To be honest, I would love to have a group of girls (spare me the fucking drama though) but most girls that I've come across are insanely immature (as much as they claim otherwise :rolleyes:).

  13. Certainly there is more recognition for some of what you seem to call being bigger (I really don't view Beyonce as a "bigger woman" at all, she has hips and an ass, that's it), but that is promotion of what women are SUPPOSED to look like.

    But, there are still plenty of girls doing serious harm to their bodies to conform to certain standards in society. Some of this pressure also comes from clothing companies who only make the popular styles up to a certain size.
  14. No, I'm a guy.

    Do you get what I'm saying though, thats it's become ok to be cruel to thin people for the sole fact that they are thin.
  15. No, Beyonce is not fat by any means but she is frequently classified as being 'curvy' by the media.

    And I agree with you 100% about eating disorders being terrible and I'm not trying to promote a lifestyle like that in any way but there are lots of women out there who are thin naturally.

    For example, I have a friend who is on medically prescribed milkshakes to help her gain weight, but her metabolism won't let her, and she eats like a stoned 6 year old in a candy store. If I mention to another girl that I am friends with her a good 75% of responses are - "ewww that bony bitch, shes so ugly...eat something".
  16. I hope her doc has checked her for malabsorption. People can be healthy at a variety of sizes, but not gaining even with increased caloric intake is worrisome.
  17. I get you.

    But whyyyy, do you feel like that thin girl who gets hated on, too?

    / inb4 /lol wut/

    I know boys struggle with this sometimes, because they wear their sister's skinny jeans and get hated on for it. Does that make sense? I'm just trying to connect some invisible dots here :smoke:
  18. To be honest, I've seen/heard more rudeness and cruelty aimed at people that are perceived as being overweight rather than thin. Though, there is obviously cruelty aimed at either group and I'm not trying to lessen the point you are trying to make.

    Personally, I find cruelty and unjustified judgments unacceptable no matter who it's aimed at.

  19. I'm not too sure about the details of it but she's in great shape otherwise. I could find out...

    hahaha, sorry but i'm not quite reading you
  20. Lol what? I don't see how overweight women are glorified in any way. Look at how no talent bitches are millionaires...every actress that's a size 0 with decent tits is basically talentless if you ask me, their talent is that men fucking love beating off to them.

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