Real UFOs and disappearances with pics (& share a good story)

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by vd420, Jun 2, 2018.

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    Not necessarily.

    I'm also not certain what race identity or economic status have to do with this topic. Sadly if that is what you think, then you have not done your research and have only decided to comment based on an assumption you've made from no academic evidence what so ever.

    So I'll take a crack at it and assume that your own beliefs blinded your judgement. As UFO sightings and encounters have happened all throughout the world by people of many races and cultures throughout history by many civilizations for thousands of years.

    I am not trying to argue with you but next time be a little more convincing in your argument and construct your opinion based on actual statistics. Read some on the topic, research the history, think cognitively about it, and then formulate a coherent response. One in which shows these particular demographics or we can move along and act like you never said what you said.
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  2. Yeah tons other topics you guys can argue at why exactly on here this post clearly says share good ufo story.

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  3. Johnny, I live in the south as well so I understand. I use to drive the country roads at night between the New River Marine air base in Jacksonville NC to the Fl Ga line. I loved it.. Windows down.. Music loud. However, several times I felt followed and had experiences with lights that came up from behind and then seemed to jump over me. Strange stuff.

    Btw, I don't usually respond to agitators, but I have degrees in both Psychology and Sociology and I live in a 4/3 though what any of this has to do with mobile home living is beyond me ... Lol
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    Tangent, I liked your fly analogy. When you see something that is so outside the normal limits of how objects behave... It often sounds trite when you try to explain it. People who haven't had an experience with something... Paranormal?.... Just don't always comprehend. Some people are too frightened of the idea, others are locked in a more comfortable world where nothing is unknown.

    VD420, thanks for starting this thread. I don't often talk about this....
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  5. you never will sorry:

    weather balloons with spy camera were stopped by both the soviets and the cia during the mid 60's

    replaced by U2 and pilot powers later by spy satellites

    good luck
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  6. I would hardly consider Betty and Barney Hill “white trash”.
    Do a little research on what happened to this couple in 1961

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  7. I just prefer to stick to real life I guess. U guys have fun watching your conspiracies videos.
  8. You don’t often talk about it? Your story was half believable... until i read it on a different website? Fourth story down Historical

    Don’t trust the link? search florida union times ufo 1971 in google it is listed in the results not far down

    Is this your story or are you plagiarizing

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    Yes, this is my story posted 10 or 15 years ago. I didn't even realize it was still out there.. So thanks for the link! When I was posting, I wished I still had a copy of what I wrote....So TY!!

    BTW is was interesting to note the details that I had forgotten. I'm 67 years old and on pain meds for 10 years, so not sure my memory is what it once was.
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    How are UFO's and aliens not real life? Do you know how big and old the universe is?
    We humans are soon to be aliens ourselves, traveling to mars and all, that will be just the beginning. When we find other life, you can bet we'll be abducting and probing their asses.

    UFO means Unidentified Flying Object, not alien spacecraft, so anything you can't identify that is flying is technically a UFO.
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    Thank you.. Exactly, as well as anything that is not normal is "paranormal". I never even thought about where this craft was from.... Maybe our future? As likely as anything else.
  12. Maybe our future?

    Hey you sparked a memory of mine. One in which I watched a 2 part video while extremely high one night up burning the midnight oil.

    Fake... most certainly so as far as the merit of the video...I can not say but as for the ideas, they bring curiosity with the weight of their conceptions. All and all it gives rise to reflection in context to your statement I highlighted above.

    Just thought some may enjoy entertaining the ideology. If anything just to delve into a few new trains of thought varying in abstraction on the topic(s) at hand.

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  13. You'd better do your homework, Barney Hill was not white.

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  14. You beat me to it...

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  15. Anyone got anything interesting on ufo subject lately?
  16. Back in 2016 I investigated reports of strange lights on behalf of mufon. File number 2542069.
    The phenomenon consisted of five light dots moving around the clouds in a repetitive pattern.
    Clueless I smoked a joint.
    After I was done with that I searched the surrounding area for clues.
    Eventually I came upon what seemed to be the light source
    A mothership that had landed. Strangely humans were lining up to get inside.
    Further investigation proved impossible because a human controlling access into the spacecraft threatened to call the cops.
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    hello dudes well first I want to say that is insane man that is insane do you still got the paperwork on that? If humans can fly space ships go out into other dimensions... I just hate being that one that doesn't know shit and in the unknown. Well I been doing research on Haarp, chem trails, blue beam, and even Evps, Ghost boxes, different frequencies, and sounds I have a list of secret government projects I found and been reading through them all, all of them. All this to me is very interesting some things just feel like completely true and quite scary sometimes so I understand why they are classified. I found more interesting videos I want to share with you dudes who can handle them lol.

    Russian whistle blower shows deep web footage.

    this real story I watched on Ukrainian T.V which was told by real cosmonauts now translated into English.

    I am also looking for video I watched last night shows ISS then the sun comes up and covers this giant cylinder like ship with a cabin I watched the video many times and seems really authentic I just can't seem to find the video right now will update soon.
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  18. I was joking the ship was a disco with huge lamps in front of it.
  19. Honestly. I would throw a rock at one if it was close enough with a camera at the ready.

    Aliens thinking they too good to show their faces. I'll show those big head skrawny grey fucks.
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    My best friend was abducted in 1975 I believe .
    They made a movie about his abduction .
    James Gardner stared in the movie .
    Fire in the sky was the name of the movie , my friends name is Travis Walton .
    The ram rod of the slash crew was mike rogers .
    Travis Walton , roy rogers , the slash crew foreman's younger brother and I All worked at the western molding mill in snowflake Arizona .
    The Official Travis Walton Web Site
    Travis Walton UFO incident - Wikipedia

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