Real-time peyote experience.

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  1. Hi Everyone! I just got a message from a member on here who wishes to remain anonymous.

    This person, we'll call him Sandy, asked me to start a thread in which I could document his experience with Peyote in real time. This thread may end abruptly if he decides to stop updating me and go play with trees instead, but for now we'll do our best.

    We'll try to make it as interesting as possible. Let's begin...

    Sandy acquired some Peyote from a reputable web-based distributor.
    At 23:25 he consumed 2-3 grams of peyote.
    At 12:00 am he noticed the first effects, those being heightened awareness, and slight distortion in vision, accompanied with minor muscle tension.
  2. Buddy sounds like a pussy.

    Why wouldnt he just post himself...
  3. hahaha:smoking:
  4. He said he didn't want to offend anyone, and to be honest if I was about to take a peyote trip I'd much rather be able to shoot off a quick, two line update and have someone else parse it correctly and post it.
  5. well im here and i can tell you that i got these weird stifness and coulor cvaritons and it pretty hard too raed anything vision has gpne a bit wong
  6. heres one of eate butons

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  7. First Update

    12:40am He has started to get really wierd pains and shivers all over his body with slight colour variations. This is the best way he can describe it.

    I've asked him to give some more details as to his set and setting (that's mental state and surroundings to those who aren't familiar with hallucinogens) so hopefully he'll get back to me with some more details soon.
  8. cut the charades dude. Its hard to follow a 3rd person perspective story
  9. Updates

    Sandy has just sent two messages in quick succession: In the first he said that he has a headache, his face is all tensed up and he's having difficulty reading and spelling.
    I asked him if he had any pleasurable feelings and he replied
    "europia atm alot of it with nausea appartlyu normal look at thread"
    which is obviously euphoria and nausea.

    I hope he's enjoying himself!
  10. read the form its m my vison is fuked its okay tim i got it, dont eat this unless u go t a stron stomch

  11. Peyote always make you hurl.

    Glad your having fun man!
  12. I'd have no problem admitting if I was on peyote, but if I was I wouldn't be sitting at a keyboard typing, I'd be out enjoying myself. If a third person story is too difficult for you, you don't have to read it.
  13. ive bee n sick a bit no much a little its real hard to type did u get muscle pain in start in neck face are aa
  14. I thought peyote was a hardcore no fun halucinogen. am I wrong?
  15. Just got another message, you were right Alexy!

    Quote: okay gonna try and write this HARD, my mind is arguing with its self but headpain going away euphroia replace d with relaxed feeling of joy, i threw up. no belly pain. im going to the garden

    It seems the appeal of nature wins over technology. I will update again when he gets back in touch, although if I was him I don't think I'd be doing anymore typing tonight.
  16. I guess we'll find out soon...
  17. threw u pagian feeling better
  18. trippy feeling got weird visions dreamy and soft warm feeling gotta sit down
  19. Ok, looks like you can handle the updates at the moment bud, I'm gonna stick around and see how you get on!
  20. im go na enjoi tis 4 a while if i don get bac cheack bac in morn sartin to seethings from older older memoreis its fukin weird

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