REAL Three Six Mafia- Stay Fly

Discussion in 'General' started by young_smokey, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. haha wtf? that was jus ridiculous
  2. I like how the smallest kid raps over the deepest voice haha
  3. LMFAO. Whats with the kid bangin the girl in the first part, erm, through the pants. That was the most rediculous thing I've ever seen. This is what happens when 3-6 starts to go main stream, I remeber back in the day I got called ghetto and a thug for listenin to Three Six, now everyone fuckin' listens to this shit thats been out for years, and all of sudden everyone thinks it's new. Also, I want to shoot that kid in the white in the face, the first kid on the video. Nice find, +rep.


    EDIT:// LOL, CRUCHNY BROWN. The guys white, and they call him Crunchy Brown, sad that they are putting Crunchy black down like that though.
  4. wtf was that?? im still trying to figure it out
  5. Not gonna lie, i actually thought that was pretty decent. Kinda weak how they are always beatin someone up... or humpin that girl... but

    MJG.... Micheal Jackson's Grandson? That had me rollin
  6. suburban white kids taking over?????
  7. O.K. I think that I saw some yugioh cards on that kids wall. I don't know if they really were but htey look like it. I thought it was aiight... I mean that is kinda funny how triple 6 is blowing up now they been out for years. LOL JOE>
  8. medicine ball was untouchable

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