Real smokers vs Fake smokers.

Discussion in 'General' started by DroTokerr, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. How can you tell when someone is a real smoker and smokes because they enjoy it, and a fake smoker who just smokes to fit in?
  2. Does it really matter ?
  3. You have to figure out who the fake smokers are so that you can destroy them, obviously.

    Fake smokers have been responsible for 96% of all wars and diseases ever started. The reason we went into Iraq was because of fake smoking.
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  4. When you get out of high school.
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  5. I guess it doesn't really matter
  6. So when can you be considered a veteran smoker?
  7. After it's been a good while I'd say.

    Keeping in mind veteran toker and experienced or knowledgeable toker are not the same thing
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  8. Just inhale and this question becomes insignificant.
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  9. It's my first question,I'll get better through time
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  10. Ah, didn't notice. Welcome.

    Thing is, the more you smoke and the older you get (I'm not that old), the less that question matters.
    Every semi-experienced smoker is more interested in enjoying the toke for him/herself , than wondering if the person next to them is really a smoker themselves or not.

    If it's part of your social circle to be smokers, and someone is doing it just to fit in, I'd take it as a compliment.
    That person is subjecting themselves to something they don't enjoy, just so they can be a part of whatever is going on. :smoke:
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  11. While in the long run it does not really matter but since you're asking anyway, I'll try my best to provide my thoughts on the subject at hand. Perhaps and of course this is not all inclusive but I would say some fake smokers who only want to fit in to a crowd would wear a lot of clothing covered in pot leaves and start talking like stereotypical stoners that you are always seeing in sitcoms and movies.

    Some might not do it but others might. I have no way to give you a completely correct answer because of a lot of variables due to individual personalities but that is basically how I see it. Of course like everyone else has said, in the long run it does not really matter. Just enjoy smoking and do not allow the actions of idiots to kill your own buzz, man.
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  12. I'd agree with you

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