Real Shit... Confessions Of A Killer...

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  1. Ive seen this shit many times on TV, Found a couple links to it online which are completley legal.

    Anyway, Dude is 'The Iceman Killer'. Named so because his specialty was freezing bodys for a couple years to preserve them, Then lay them out somewhere to be found and they look like a fresh dead body, But really been dead for years.

    Anyways, Shits crazy.

    First video is more boring but its explains alot of why he is the way he is and WHO he is.

    The second video is real interesting.

    Real mind of a killer shit.

    Real shit.
  2. Reminds me of the "Green River Killer" in Washington who killed all the prostitutes. That was also crazy, he almost killed his own son. Yet, this guy is ridiculous.
  3. I saw this years ago and been looking for it since. Nice find.
  4. Wow, that's really interesting.
  5. alota people i knew in highschool would always tell me how they think i'm gonna be a serial killer one day.... guess we'll find out sooner or later
  6. for some reason..i can see that..but then again i can see that in myself 2
  7. he liked to use an ice pick thru the ear to kill a buncha dudes too...ive watched that a couple times when i see it on the tube
  8. Im not that to the tee, But im sure i was predicted to be a killer. And well, The story ends there...

    I was always a tall/big guy, I would take on dudes twice my age by 13.

    So i had a nice rep and i still tend to intimadate people when im jus trying to be friendly like at work.

  9. Man, that shit is crazy. I gotta check this out more later.
  10. yall should check out also i forget the name of the series but its like where they list the serial killer ona scale from 1-22 or something...i know someone has seen help me out with the name...
  11. Ive watched that like 3 times on A&E. That shits crazy.
  12. im watching this right now

    its crazy
  13. I saw that show on HBO when it first came out. That was some terrifying stuff. When he gave homeboy a heart attack scared me most.
  14. Nice find. This shit is intense as hell.
  15. Ive seen a few documentaries on this guy. He is cold dude. I remember one time the therapist says something like "Did it make you feel ill to kill those people" the guy says "What do you mean" the therapist says "Normal people have a reaction that makes them feel sick or throw up when they see something that brutal" and the guys says "No, I have never felt that". That summed it all up for me. This guy has some sort of disconnect in his mind. He says he feels bad that he hurt his children by going to jail but he doesn't give a shit about all the people he killed.

    On one of the documentaries I saw him in he was talking about murdering people in crazy ways and the whole time you can hear a piece of hard candy bouncing around in his mouth. This guy cares so little, he eats candy while he talks about all the people he murdered.
  16. If you're a sociopath why not kill people for money :rolleyes:
  17. def gonna light up and watch this soon, wanna get nice n toasted first tho, nice find man ;)
  18. Its not that hes pure evil and has no normal feelings, But he supresses them to the max because he has to to cope. You can tell on some of the shit it affects him like when it comes to his family he cant control his emotions as much.

    But not to say hes not a crazy ass fuck killer.
  19. It's crazy how he had rats eat people to death and video taped it.

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