real sex!

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Oct 25, 2002.

  1. hahahaha. oh man. i just flipped on Real Sex in hbo..Its all about dolls. These arent any ordinary dolls though!! no blow up feature in these girls! hahaha. omg. the public hair is real hair from switzerland. hahahaha. this is great. $5,000 for one doll, 80hours of work. oh god, hes airbrushing the nipple now. hahahahaa. HAHAHAHA. they showing a couple that just bought one!!! they're carrying it the house, and the girl is like, yeah shes heavy!! as they plop this real pubes doll on the couch. eh, you can get em shaved to. DAMN now heres a situation where you want to go shaved!!! I dunno about some weirdos hair from some dudes legs in russia. omg holy cow. this is hysterical. i gotta go.

  2. LMAO...........I agree completely!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!
  3. haha, I remember that episode :)

    it's supposed to be the most realistic sex toy in existence. to bad it can't provide it's own lubrication. If I recall correctly they were even making hermaphrodite dolls and some of them had dicks. I dunno, boobs and balls just don't go well together if you ask me

  4. Yeah, its a lot cheaper and quieter than the real thing! hahaha

    Her's a joke from my vet:

    You are sitting in the living room watching TV when you hear a noise. Your dog is at the back door barking to come in and your wife is at the front door barking to come in. Which one do you let in first?????

    Your dog, because once he comes in he'll shut up!

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