Real Pineapple express from g13 labs

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  1. Put some on order from attitude seeds. Im sure its just a marketing gimmick since the description of the strain was pretty generic. I just know shit like this will hit the block and everyone will love it cause the name.
  2. How is the pineapple express so far? My sister wants to grow it, but I worry it is just a gimmick and not worth our time. It would be great to hear how it is going for you so far.
  3. I like how it says " Many Rumors', No one actually knows for sure". The Pineapple pheno was first discovered in Bros. Grimm C-99, Pineapple Chunk is a cross of C-99 and Deep Chunk. Most Pineapple named strains contain C-99. This is a well known fact. C-99 is a highly sought after strain, however it is seemly getting harder and harder to find. I would go with the Flying Dutchmans Pineapple Punch b/c the Real Mc Coy is basically a recreation of C-99 by Flying Dutchman.

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    Video showing some primo looking PE

    [ame=]YouTube - Outdoor Medicinal Marijuana Grow 2009 Part 4: Pineapple Express[/ame]

    and the ones I'm growing now. Looking to clone and start a SOG

    Read somewhere that most of the branches think they are supposed to be main cola's. Don't know if there's any truth to that, I'm a newb., just reporting what I've found. Looks it in that video though.
  5. I can only hope my pineapple express turn's out like that guys.. I have 15 seeds of the G13 Pineapple express I am doing a test run in my new set up so I have 2 plants right now.. I am about 25days in from seed.. plants look really nice so far
  6. any pictures?

  7. here is a pic of what my plant looks like, she was planted on 5/13/09 from seed and this is what she looks like ala 5min ago gonna wait till she is bigger to induce flowering.

  8. Yeah its probably a gimmick, but at least you'll still have some dank if its grown nicely :)
  9. exactly what i was thinking :hello:
  10. I would have to assume that if its suppost to be pineapple express and they were wanting it to have that type of smell/flavor that they use the genetics as the pineapple punch or what ever with real mccoy x pineapple x mango or what ever it was that someone was posting earlier. I am subscribed to this thread so we will see what progress occurs ;D
  11. If you want to learn and here about how Bros. Grimm breeders created the Cinderella 99 strain, I will explain it, it is a very good story, much like the fairy tale which she is named after.

    The true mother was from seed found in some Jack Herer bud aquired at Sensi Sensi smiles. So the mother is Jack Herer, however, the father is impossible to identify b/c nobody knows what was corssed into the JH to form the seeds.

    There was one specific female which stood out and was named Princess, the other 2 females which were possessed different phenos were named Genius & Cafe'girl. Well, to make cut this down a little, there were several males from the Jack Herer seeds, so some of this pollen was used to pollenate a Sensi Seeds ShivaSkunk female and then these seeds were used to discover a male to pollenate the Princess and hence the creation of C-99 began.

    After this it was all a cubing process, hence how the strain got the 99 added to it's name. When it first hit the commercial market in seed form it was know as Princess 88, this is where the tropical pineapple pheno began. Later after further cubing the strain, it was released as Cinderella 99, Princess 94 is the true strain.

    It is not just the pineapple pheno that makes this strain unique, it is the fact that 75% Sativa can flower in less than 10 weeks. When Skunk first hit the breeder world in the late 70's, we were amazed that a Sativa Dom hybred could flower and mature so quickly, Skunk #1 is about a 8 wk strain which back then was truly rare especially in a strain that 75% Sativa(Columbian & Acapulco Gold). Now comes Cinderella 99 which can finish in 7-9 weeks, and is also a 75% Sativa.

    Now, there is some undesirable scents that the C-99 will produce, one being what is know as the rot smell, kind of where sour strains aquired their phenos. Back in the days of SSSC, some Thai X Durban possessed this rot, or sour scent.

    Basically most Pineapple strains have some lineage to C-99 or to some of the earlier version Princess. Joey Weeds C-99 X Deep Chunk is also known under the name Pineapple Chunk, so there are many variations. I highly suggest checking out Cannacopia Seeds, they seem to possess many of the true Bros Grimm lineages; such as C-99, Deep Chunk, and Genius.

    Real Mc Coy was developed as a recreastion, IMHO, of the C-99, who knows, both Flying Dutchman and Sensi Seeds were producing Jack Herer back when the C-99 was being cubed, it could easily be that the Jack Herer X mystery strain came from one of those batches and one of those places were the true, although by accident, creators of C-99. Who knows for sure. But real Mc Coy is the closest thing to true C-99 I have seen on the market.

    I'm very curious as to how this Pineapple Express turn out, seems to me if G-13 is the true breeders behind Pineapple Express, they would know the lineages. Regardless it seems these Pineapple phenos are becomming more & more sought after. I have 3 variatins of C-99, some smells like Pineapple, some like raspberries, and some just smells like sour fruit, almost like wine.

    I wiull watch these Express grows, I'm now curious.

  12. Kush Bros. Farmacueticals lists it as Bubblegum x mongol x pineapple
  13. I will be posting more pix as I go into flowering hopefully my friend will let me use his dslr camera to take those pix
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    Are you sure you have the date right, 5/13/09, b/c it does not seem that big for over 30 days from seed, did you mean 6/13/09?????

    Here is some C-99 I aquired from Bros. Grimm, the pic w/ both seedlings is @ 9 days from seed, the next 2 are 11 days later. This from soaking the seeds for about 24 hours and placing directly into the soil.


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    Yes the date I posted is correct I didnot give the plants any Nutes until last week starting on 6/17/09 I thought the plants were very small for the age To but in the last 4-5 days theyhave grown a lot and also up until the day I gave them nutes they were in a 4" pot now they are in a 3gal pot I typically feed them grow big 1/2 tsp 2 ltr of water every other feeding and big bloom every feeding before I went to work today the plants are 8" tall compaired to last week being 4" not sure why they stays small for so long

    My current set up is 400watt hps w/3x 42 watt cfls 2 6500k and 1 2600k temps in grow room are 80 to 83 and rh is 30% this could have a affect too but this is my test grow and first one ever
  16. The ones in the above 2 pics were transplanted 2 days after those pics into 2.5 gl containers, nutes were not given until a week after the transplant. They are now at a friends house due to a move, they are in 5 gl now.


  17. your plant's look good :) I thought mine were a bit short but the foliage on my plants is alot more then others so I guess rather then growing tall they stayed short and grew alot of branches.. but now they are starting to get tall hopefully tonight I will be able to try and install my inline fan that I got. :)
  18. sounds awesome looking forward too some :smoking:updates!
  19. This is an old thread, mr treezy and I already grew ours out, about a year ago. We were both very happy with the smoke,....very, very strong pineapple taste to it.

    Less- the c99 "looks" to be pretty similar, no? (comparing your pic with MrT's)

    I plan on growing this one again this summer
  20. Totally on topic Patrio, this isn't a grow journal, it's a discussion about the strain ;)

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