Real or fake?

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Real or Fake

  1. Girl~ I prefer Real Boobs.

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  2. Girl~ I prefer Fake Boobs

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  3. Girl~ I dont care about Boobs

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  4. Guy~ I prefer Real Boobs

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  5. Guy~ I refer Fake Boobs

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  6. Guy~ I like all Boobs equally

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  7. Guy~ I'm not into Boobs

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  1. So which do you like better? Real breasts or fake breasts? I\'m just wondering... Oh.. and tell me why.... Please :)
  2. real is the only way to go my friend [​IMG]

  3. Well said critter!!
  4. real I suppose.

    Anything more than a mouthfull is a waste.:)

    I\'m more of cunnilingus freak myself.:eek:

    If I can\'t eat it ,I damned sure wont fu_k it !

    pink tacos..........mmmmmm......mmmmmm......good.

    Really ,it\'s all a matter of....................taste..s.
  5. whats this got to do with grasscity and weed?

  6. Nothing... it has to do with boobies.....everyone loves boobies...duh...

    and hey they\'re all good to long as they look nice and hang well.... :D

    im not hard to
  7. I like them real myself.None of the fake ones I\'ve seen look or feel natural. I\'d rather be with someone who has tiny real ones, than big fake ones any day.
  8. Real ones would be the preference but fake ones, if done well, can be just as good. I\'ve only felt up one pair of fake ones and I certainly had no complaints.

    I mean as long as they\'re big, soft and jiggly...who cares?

  9. your kids...when they go to suck a big ole gulp of nothin
  10. Actually it depends on how the implant is placed... If it is behind the muscle, then there will be no blocking of milk to the new child... and even in some cases of implants being placed infront of the muscle there is no blocking of nutrition to the child... See behind the muscle they actually cut the muscle and place the implant behind it, and sew the entire thing back up.. it looks mroe real and it is easier to get a mamogram done, then there is infront of the muscle where they just cut the skin and palce the implant under the skin.. you are more likly to rupture duering a regular mamorgram, and it is obviouse that it is fake... even if you go small...

    at least based on ym studies...
  11. i would rather have real boobs...
  12. i like mine ......... REAL.................


    ........... nice
  13. Real or not, shape is most important...real feels best to me, but good fake ones feel good\'re right about breastfeeding...if its implanted behind the muscle, it shouldn\'t be a problem...i think the biggest danger is loss of nipple sensitivity...i love playing w/titties and playing w/ nipples on beautiful beasts is the best giving her a rise out of stroking her nips gives me a rise too! lol
  14. REAL, its like having a joint or a marinol tablet, they are both good, but the real thing is better. BUt personally, implants just don\'t do it for me, probably the idea that what I have my hands on aren\'t flesh, but plastic.
  15. I prefer real, but i mean honestly, sometimes you\'ll look at a girl who has outright bad boobs. And that\'s ok, but she\'d look better with some implants. Ya know what im sayin....

  16. i\'m down wit that gangamafia.

  17. ditto
  18. tittys are great to matter how they come. tittys tittys yum yum yum tittys tittys on a blonde thats dumb =)
  19. \"If I can touch em, they\'re real\" Whoever said that is damn right. Obviously real have a much better squeeze factor though.

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