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Real or fake weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by UnknownUser130, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. I bought shake from someone. It smells like oregano though I'm not sure if it's shake or oregano. Please help me out

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  2. Hard to tell.
    Roll a joint and tell us..
  3. I won't be able to until tomorrow
  4. looks like trim it will get ya stoned in a pinch
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  5. It doesn't look like shake, the stuff left behind from the buds. It looks like someone threw leaves and stems into a food processor. I would not smoke it and would get another connect or just not accept anything like this again. Good luck, mate.
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  6. What it is I think is hard to tell, at least I can't, but I agree that it doesn't look like any shake I've ever seen. Leaves and stems in the food processor might be a possibility but it seems that there are quite some small whole leaves in there, as in not broken or cut. Those small leaves don't look like any leaves I've seen on real cannabis, but hard how to see on the picture.

    UnknownUser130, since you are better able to judge, google "Cannabis shake" and compare some of the pictures. Even if that is some kind of cannabis, I sadly very much doubt it will get you high and might make you feel slightly nauseous.

    I hope that I'm wrong but it resembles oregano to some extend.

    GL guy, better luck next time.

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  7. Yeah I agree OP I would not smoke that... doesn't look like any trim or shake I've ever had or had off of my plants I grew...

    Grow journal
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  8. Weed has trichomes..

    Also.. why would you take pics of it in a bag?
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