Real Maui Wowie

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  1. i know theres someone on gc that has really smoked maui wowie or pineapple express. if u have heres the place to rate the high and say what u want about it
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    I havent but my dad would rate a 10/10, best weed he ever smoked he said
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  3. As far as I know I haven't. I'd love to try it though
  4. Tried Maui Wowie out of the vape i say 9/10
    I don't think pineapple express really exist
  5. i think its spelled maui waui. but i went to maui and was not able to find this fabled strain.

    edit: i just realized i missed my 420th post. i was stoked to annouce it.
  6. hello my friends i posted something similar on another board but i would love to fill you in on my experience... so me and the wife went to maui for our honey moon and had a buddy hook us up with a chick that lived there... being we were only gonna be there for 7 days i only got an 8th.. we put it in the trunk and went to a restaurant called LuLu's if anyone goes there and also a tip the surfers are good to get hook ups from learned from one that worked there...

    anyways we get back and the whole car WREEEAKED of bud... and it was in the TRUNK!!.. rolled a blunt and my wife isnt much of a smoker and 2 big hits for her and it was game over... she couldnt even hold her own glass of water! I did a max of 5 probably and I was WAAAAAY done like i over did it LOL... It was like punishment trying to finish it before we had to leave
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  7. i would also rate it 10/10
  8. My cousin smoked what was told to be pineapple express. He said one hit choked him the hell out and damn near fucked him up. Like he got super high, but not fucked up high. Thats cuz of hist olerence though, he has the tolerence of tommy chong.
  9. i always thought maui wowie wasnt a real strain but it was what locals called homegrown sometimes.
  10. Pineapple express was great not the best I have ever smoked I have smoked nameless strains from my dealer that were better but it still was a good high. A medium sized bowl did the trick. 8/10.
  11. i smoked maui wowie once and it was pretty good tastes amazing above all else. ive had dopier highs but i would give it 8/10. as for pineapple express my friend said he chiefed once out in chicago and said it was pretty much the best weed he ever smoked.

  12. damn^^:D
  13. I have sum reel fukin mowee wowee in my pants bruh
  14. G13 labs "pineapple express" it's real. It was my first time smoking dank. Hit harder than fuck but dude. It was NIIICE

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