real madrid vs. barcelona

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  1. its on in 4 hours....and i cant wait for the kickoff :smoke:
  2. MESSSSSSSSSSSSI, Whoop ! :smoke:
  3. aw dude messi....hes not human thats all i know :smoke:
  4. I fuck shit up with him on FIFA 12, ahhaha.

    Barcelona's my favorite team what about you?
    And funny story, you know the NE revolution? Well there is this 16 year old kid Diego Fagundez who lives a town or two over from me and I use to play soccer against him, and I played indoor soccer with him and now he's playing for the rev's ! I'm happy for him and I still talk to him so it's kinda cool.

    [ame=]Fagundez Breakdown - YouTube[/ame]
  5. barça no doubt ...:smoke:...ill be honest tho i really like manu as well....
  6. Yeah can't wait. On paper is looking like a wonder matchup. Barca reigning Spanish, European and World Club Champions always so elegant and fluent but recently relying heavily on Messi. David Villa and Pedro have both suffered a drastic loss in form, Iniesta injured.. Messi has been carrying Barca for a bit. Whereas Real are playing like a well oiled and drilled machine. Mourinho has got them playing at a frightening speed and the way they are able to transition between defence and attack is something else. They've been banging goals in left, right and center.. are on the back of 6 wins out of 6 in the Champion's League and have a 3 point lead on Barca in La Liga with a game in hand. It really looks like Mourinho has La Liga sussed out this year.

    Anyway can't wait, am anticipating a cracker. my tip is 3-2 Real, just think they've got the hunger for it this year where as Barca are looking slightly jaded (but who can blame them - possibly the greatest team ever these past few years).

    Plus I'm going to very baked. :bongin:
  7. Hah. 1-0 already!
  8. Game on yet?
  9. Yeah 10 minutes in

  10. yeah....

    about that other 80 mins.

  11. lmao, barca is godly. Nobody can max a midfield with iniesta and xavi,

    (i didnt get to watch the game fwiw :( no Goltv here)

  12. and Fabregas....

    and Busquetts.
  13. Exactly. Jose has built the best side possible, but it still cant beat barca...

  14. That's because Barca built it's core through their own youth academy.
  15. the rain made for average gameplay...usually barça flows seamlessly but the rain apparently put their game off...not to mention the goal in the opening seconds of the game...

  16. :confused:

    Barca won 3-1....
  17. Barca was extremely lucky to finish with 11 men. Any other player in the world is sent off for that tackle, but Messi is Messi so he gets a pass. Its the same in all other sports too, just a fact of life. Madrid have to feel bad, some crazy misses by Ronaldo and that freak deflection for Barca's second goal.
  18. yeah but on a better pitch they play a much more mechanic, almost flawless passing game, thats what i was referring to...the rain disallowed perfect first touches, broke the fluidity of barças motion and overall resulted in a not-so-optimal gameplay...

    yeah they won 3-1 but visually it was not as pleasing as other barça games imo..

  19. ya for sure.... some sloppy goals

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