Real Madrid or Barcelona for Champions League ?

Discussion in 'General' started by senior kusher, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. come on , hit me up with who you think is gunna win it and why .
  2. Barca. Barely. I'm thinking danny alves is gonna ball today but ozil will prolly ball hard for real.
  3. yeah im thinking messi and david villa are gunna come up with something nasty like they always do . dani alves is tearing up di maria for sure . but ronaldo and ozil are tearing it up so bad right now . its already a dirty match lol
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  5. watching it now with a nice cold beer :)
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    For sure dude I just started watching it a few mins ago. Who scored?
  7. david villa assisted messi with a goal . I SO CALLED THAT !!! check it out lol i have proof at the beginning at the thread lol i feel kinda cool that i called that .
  8. Fucking insane 2nd goal by messi. He's so fucking good. Our generations maradona for sure.
  9. Sports forum you noobs.

    And FCB all day.
  10. messi is god . barcelona is epic and unbeatable . . . except to my gunners :D GUNNERS FOR LIFE !
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    Dude arsenal is the shit by far my fav team. By fucking far!!
  12. Barca all the way.
  13. Wow, never seen so many players rolling around on the ground. Zero class barcelona, big surprise.

    Seriously.. someone give the Barca players an academy award.
  14. dude hell yeah ! theyve been my favorite team forever !! i was freaking out when they beat barcelona . like i was going nuts .

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