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  1. hello all. I joined awhile ago. My home was destroyed by hurricane Harvy and the property wrecked so we sold it and moved back to Houston. I was going through all my flood wrecked crap and I find a tiny jar full of old brick weed seeds. They were the only things that stayed dry in that box, and pretty much the whole house. So at some point I was further condensing my crap and I came across the seeds again. I was just going to toss them, but my yucca caught my attention and I decided I would just dump the seeds in the crappy yucca soil. I did that and forgot about them. They began to grow. I just left them alone until I was bored and went to see what they were doing. They were long, skinny, and pittyful looking. So I messed with them. I piled the ones that were really hopeless, and left the ones that looked better. I braced them up with cuat hanger and top dressed the soil with some kind of miracle grow that the last tenant left here. The plants grew. They grew allot! I have a patio that measures about 5 foot by ten foot and the dozen or so plants I had just took off . I freaked the hell out coming home from work when I noticed that it was clearly pot plants bulging out of my patio fence. This isn't a good thing in Houston Texas. I called my brother and he took the plants. In the end, four plants made it. Each plant got about an ounce and a half, but I figured there would be more as the plants were really long. The pot was good to. There will be a part two to this story. I have discovered auto flowering plants.
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  2. Welcome back. Grass will grow anywhere.

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