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  1. Long story short this person broke int o my house when i wasn't home and took around 300 dollars cash and my scale. He was in my room the other day and he saw where I kept my shit so he just went in and took it. Leave in mind he left my 1,800$ laptop, xbox, etc... Still the odassity he has to break into my house for that..I found out by scaring him. It's a funny story but it ends with him saying "he found the kid that stole it" and will give me my scale tomorrow but the money has been spent. What should I do? I made it seem like I believe it wasn't him, but in reality me and him have no mutual friends. The only way it wasn't him is if he told one of his friends to do it. Either way he fucked up.

    Now the question at hand is should I fuck his shit up when he gives me the scale and tell him to give me money? Or take the scale and let it be over? I'm very torn apart over this. I want to scare him and make him fully admit to it or see if he really did tell one of his friends to do it.

  2. sit him down in a room with a hanging light and a table with tools all on it. make sure there are no windows, and the door is locked. have him sit on a hard, cold metal chair. tie him down. swing the above lamp back and forth as you chose what tool to use on him first. once he sees that youre going to remove each hair of his one by one, and then each tooth of his one by one, he will admit it. force him to pay you $320 for the inconvenience. there you go.
  3. Im sorry, but theres no excuse for stealing. I would take the scale back, then beat his ass and make him pay up.

    You cant trust anybody.smh

  4. Heard that.. I'm lucky I got him to fall into that trap otherwise there would be no scale either.
  5. There's always an example to be made.
  6. haha that shit was clssic.
  7. When he comes to give you the scale, tell him your not a retard and if he doesnt give you the 300$ and a cake by next friday hes going to be in a coma.
  8. audacity, not odassity
  9. you need to call the "A-Team", they specialize in shit like this and they will have your money and scales back in no time. Here is their phone number but you must be careful because they have these military motherfuckers still chasing them so if they act a little weird just don't worry about it because it has nothing to do with you they are just worried about getting caught and ending up in Levonworth prison, you know what I am talking about!? Good luck!!
    A-Team (Ph)800-548-5877 or 1-800-KICK ASS
  10. That is fucked up, I would get my scale back and then beat his ass everyday until he gave you back the money, with interest!!
  11. Waterboard his ass.:p

    Nah, get the scale back, then look him in the eye and ask him how long it will take for all the payment of the $300.
  12. walk up all friendly.
    get scale back all friendly.
    then smack him in the face once knock him on his ass and all friendly, tell him if you dont have your 300 and another 2 in 2 days... welll... find a way to make him pay...
  13. Ended up doing something similar to this, but then when he gave me the money he got his ass beat anyway.
  14. a broken nose never hurt anyone

  15. Then what's the point of givin it to someone :confused::confused:
    I just don't understand this world anymore

  16. :) No I shouldn't smile.:p

    Just a great smack or a ass whoopin?;) Actually if you read the forum rules, please don't answer.:smoke:

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