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  1. Not "Hip Pop" I mean "Hip Hop"Never noticed any threads on this topic which I feel is quite important to me (and fellow blades)."Real" heads know of KRS One and his teachings: "rap is something you do, hip hop is something you live"Hip hop is a lifestyle, so let's not limit its greatness to just rap.In this thread we can speak of:- ancient rap (early 80s to mid 80s)- old school rap (late 80s to late 00s)- underground rap- grafitti art- breakdancing- hip hop attire- underdog artists (not hip pop..)- Battle cats- DJs and producers/beat makers- Events- Rare samples- Hip Hop news- etc..Please do NOT spam this thread with self promotion links, 1 or 2 links will suffice. If people ACTUALLY dig your material then there's no doubt you'll gain followers. If you do not see any positive change, work harder, use their neglect as motivation to be heard.On the "product" (attire, equipment, etc..) aspect of promotion, the same rule applies, do NOT spam with your links, 1 or 2 identical posts will be enough.Please do not flame on other heads for not having the same tastes as you. As long as it falls under "Real" hip hop then let it bind us together.I will view as many links as possible.- SagaciouSlug~1996 Jiggawattz~
  2. Forgot to mention:- modern hip hop (again, to make my point clear, NOT HIP POP)~1996 Jiggawattz~
  3. Okay.. I guess I'll start.What are your thoughts on modern dummy rap?By that i mean wiz khalifa, gucchi mane and all that~1996 Jiggawattz~
  4. It's entertaining and good for the moment. It doesn't have any substance but it doesn't have to.IMO It's for clubs and to dance to enjoy the moment.
  5. Kush and OJ by wiz was good, but he's been sellin out.  I dig Asap, but gucci just isn't for me.  But, they are making money.  How do you feel about "Tha Carter I"?
  6. "real" hip hop will always be subjective. just another way to trivialize hip hop and make some people feel superior when they discover artists like tribe, blackstar, etc and say, "i have discovered the r3al hip hap," 2cents.
  7. hahaha that was me back in high school 

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    I like conscious hip hop (tribe, KRS one, Aesop, Watsky) and then I just like shit I can just blast in my car and jam the fuck out to because heyyyy conscious hip hop can get a little boring sometimes. Sometimes you just want a catchyass beat and some easy verses instead of catching references and reading between the lines.
    Are you a backpacker? I like all sorts of shit from Aesop to A$ap and I'm telling you man, it's a lot more fun that way. As someone said, I don't really think or care about either being "real" or "not real" cause that stuff's subjective. Try to open yourself up to some shit you probably consider to not be "real" but I promise you if you're open minded enough you'll dig it. Listen to 50's GToDT and tell me that's not a dope fucking album.
    I'm burnt out as fuck today so let's hope everything was clear but I forgot like half of my points.
    Happy toking

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  9. [quote name="suplove" post="19405228" timestamp="1390679688"]"real" hip hop will always be subjective. just another way to trivialize hip hop and make some people feel superior when they discover artists like tribe, blackstar, etc and say, "i have discovered the r3al hip hap," 2cents.[/quote]I was afraid of a comment like this.I tried my very best to clarify what "real hip hop" is.Like I said before, hip hop is a lifestyle. Rap is a part of this lifestyle.By real hip hop is meant the true nature of hip hop, creativity, passion, truth, creating nothing from scratch, and ego to an extent.This falls under breakdancing, graffiti art, etc.. Not just rap.On the rap aspect, I do believe many speak of it with the same idea you've presented. Personally I believe, rap that falls under creativity, passion, truth, creating nothing from scratch, ego to an extent, etc.. Is "real"Rap that involves "hustlin, bitches and swag" is what I consider wack. First, it has no creativity, the topic is quite overrated and the rappers who touch on the topic have identical styles. I would accept such a topic if these rappers were diverse style wise, such as old jay z.Second, there is no passion. (Most) Rappers nowadays who touch on the subject speak in monotone, no energy in delivery. They are not passionate about making tracks with other topics.Third, truth is not something I see as common in the modern game. Pretty self explanatory.Creating nothing from scratch and ego to an extent is really just for new upcoming artists, many of these new rappers copy the same shit they hear off their idols. Which brings me back to no creativity, honesty, or passion.That is what I consider wack.~1996 Jiggawattz~
  10. When I look at the rap scene I see what you mean, it's just a lifestyle. People will try to classify rap in a broad concrete terms but unless they live life with nothing but "hip hop thoughts" they will never understand.

    I personally love the idea of this thread. Hip hop created my mindset as a kid to an adult. I grew up listening to old school hip hop in my dads truck and I loved every track like, Run-D.M.C., Sir Mix A Lot, Digital Underground, Notorious BIG, etc.

    Those artists planted a seed in my brain and thought the years with a lot of exposure to the mainstream scene mixed in with old school hip hop, I started to become a backpack rapper. To this day I go through a new underground artist each week. Lately I been diggin:
    Mick Jenkins
    Joey Bada$$
    Chance The Rapper
    Action Bronson
    Odd Future and all of their individual projects
    The Underacheivers and their individual projects
    Dillon Cooper
    Raz Fresco
    Lucki Eck$

    That's just a grip of some artists I dig.
    I've also been getting into individual producers as well but the only one that sticks out in my brain is OddCouple but I don't know much about them.

    Last but not least gotta rep a friend from AZ producing mad beats everyday check him out of you wanna dig some shit.

    DeeJay Goldstein
  11. Old school to late 90's was when the best of rap was ever released imo. im a Wutang, ice cube, biggie guy.
    Ummm, no. Candy-ass rappers and fake thugs rapping about money, drugs and women do not epitomize hip hop. There is certainly a difference between an album like Nas' Illmatic, which DOES NOT glorify violence or thug culture, and empty rap like Soulja Boy or whatever the latest stupid shit is.
    Likewise, there is a commonality to artists like The Roots, Large Professor, Pete Rock, Rakim, etc. Conscious hip hop is not subjective, it exists. The problem is that people like you can't make the distinction, so the conscious stuff gets pushed to the side so people can dickride the latest vacant-brained wack-ass emcee rapping shit like "This is why I'm hot, this is why I'm hot..."
  13. I like
    Childish Gambino
    Snoop Dogg
    Flatbush Zombies
    Chance the Rapper
    MC Frontalot
    Three Loco "Riff Raff, Andy Milonakis, Dirt Nasty"
    Cypress Hill
    Kid Cudi
    Dr. Dre
    Kanye West (his older shit, he is bullshit now)
    Beastie Boys
    Immortal Technique
  14. You sir have a great taste in music. Other than Three Loco. I don't really dig that but the rest is solid.

    DeeJay Goldstein
  15. Thanks I like to think so. I'd like to branch out some more though, looking for some new stuff to listen to.
    A lot of people sleep on Three Loco (Most people I've met don't like them) but It's good fuck around music, other than the beats you know they didn't spend a ton of time on it. Some of the punchlines are pretty great. I've loved it ever since I heard the "We Are Farmers" song with the original beat.
  16. I fuck with Alex Wiley he got just dummy rap music. But he's not well liked.

    I can tell you for sure if you don't know the underacheivers you'll love them because they chill and kick it with the zombies.

    Mick Jenkins is dope as fuck. Raz Fresco, Lucki Eck$, and Dillon Cooper is dope too.

    DeeJay Goldstein
  17. I'll check them out while I'm smoking a bowl

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