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    1. I catergorically have no hermies!!
      And getting pollinated is extremely unlikely. So before anybody screams seed please bare that in mind. Im not saying it aint a seed. Just feel quite sure it must be something else.
      So my buds are swollen and some calyxes are splitting open inside are these little green things but only one per calyx.
      If i open that nothing is there.. no white stuff no nothing. They are not sticky. It does not feel like casing and it is not hollow. It feels like solid plant matter. Pistils from these sights are midly brown and not tucking in.
      I removed the calyx that has split open and as tge picture shows its like a pea in there. When i get it out it looks as the picture shows. As i said there is nothing inside.
      It is sour diesel day day 57
      Please if you dont really know dont comment
    2. As a technical update.. i believe i have this inside a bract so are they ovumes that are enlarged and that would be what the seeds grow inside if there was one in there.
    3. I know the pictures aint very good but you can clearly see what you need to see


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  1. You can't see what you need to see. Post some pictures of this on your plant. It could be caterpillars it could be plant matter it could be anything really.

    I don't understand what you are trying to say anyways.

    The beginning of your post sounds like you're not willing to receive out side opinions anyways. They could be seeds, and you're basically leaving no evidence of what it could be either.
  2. Could just be your seeds want to be boys but are femmed seeds. This kind of stuff happens and you need to give better information.
  3. So you cant see a green pea type thing in the centre of the bract?.. im asking is it possible for a ovum to exceed the size of a bract.. with all respect it looks nothing like a caterpillar or at least where im from it doesnt. Insteas of a seed im looking at the possible scenarios of these pictures. A question of plant anatomy. I do think it is the seed housing as apposed to a seed

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  4. I had no boys, no obvious hermie, or anything other than late flower stress on my last 7 plant grow and I still ended up with one plant that produced a dozen or so seeds.
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  5. Stress can cause a sex Change on your plant and it can then pollinate itself. Only read about it in books. Too many factors not enough pictures.
  6. Is there any chance it could be an empty ovum?... im 57 days in, never seen it before. I couldnt think why they would be stressed they are having a happy life leaves reaching for the lights up till a week or so ago. Nice temps. Im sure its possible they are seeds. I could easily go for the chop now. So its not that it makes a huge differemce if it is seed or not. But i think for my own self education i dnt just wanna say seed when i dont believe they are
  7. It is what it is munchies. Thats all there is to see. I wish there was more i could give to ya .. believe me there nothing on the buds mate i spent 6 hours looking through only 5 they been inspected over and over. It is literally a couple of them little green things pushing the leave housing open to expose that little green head. Which is why i removed it. I can take extra pics when lighys are back on. Byt i feel like it will leave you non the wiser as it has left me
  8. Did you plant femenised seeds? They get confused sometimes and have empty ovums As you called them.
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  9. No they are clones from feminised..
  10. cloning from fem seeds is not a good thing to do so I have been told. Hermies are favored when you do. Just sayn
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  11. from time to time fem beans fill form those . will it turn into a bean ? mabe or mabe not . most of the time no . but if you wait past the time to harvest it can make beans . in large scale grows people see those all the time . just pick it out keep your fingers crossed keep a close eye on it. and harvest it when its done . and find a new strand .
  12. Nice one mate cheers im thinking that. This it what it looks like in form

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  13. I was told that fem seeds come from a hermie plant (natural or artificially induced to be) so the hermie trait is in fem seeds and is just waiting to be expressed. The first generation from fem seed is the only generation really guaranteed to be 100% female. For some reason that is unknown(gulp), cloning PLANTS can effect its genetics--not in mammalian cells though. So the hermie gene is going to eventually be expressed. I am not saying this is true, I am saying that I want to hear why it isn't so. I am learning.....

    "from time to time fem beans fill form those . will it turn into a bean ? mabe or mabe not . most of the time no . but if you wait past the time to harvest it can make beans" could the aforementioned explain why this statement is true??
  14. From what i can tell its a common misconception that a bract is mistaken for a calyx.. now inside the bract is an ovum waiting to be pollenated.. it is attached to the pistils. I believe this grows as if pollenated in late flower.. almost like a seed. But it is not a seed itself. It is what would protect the seed as it grows!.. as a final protectionist mechanism as it is dying.. rather different to hermi it will somehow .. now im not sure, pollenate itself by throwing up male parts .. but that is after harvest window im led to believe. It makes sense but doesnt. Thats why im after complete clarification over what it is. We all kno what a seed is and early seeds. This that im seeing is just not representitive. Starts gtn a bit deep.. almost like a dog goimg through phantom pregnancy. But it seems cases a far between.
  15. Here is a bit more info

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  16. dont stress it . let it keep going your almost 2 months in . trust me if this plant was going to fuck it self it would of done so already . by week 5 or 6 you be seeing some beans forming . what do you have remaining 2 weeks ? any big grower seen this before . i its only 1 and not 500 on a single bud your good . lol
  17. OP, the bottom line here is that cannabis as a seed bearing annual plant will do whatever it can to repopulate and this sometimes means showing a seed or several even with no male parts. It's not a big deal so if you're not actually seeing male flowers then just let it finish and move on without overthinking it.

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  18. Thanks guys .. im day 58 so whatever happens i can pull the plug anytime. Was i just dnt like leaving things without an explenation. Still not convinced they are seeds. I just keep a very close eye and hopefully i can take it the distance. Cheers
  19. Hey, a chicken lays eggs without being fertilized....
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