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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Maitereya, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. i had this dream last night it was so real i couldnt believe it. i could feel water runnning over my body and the brightness of the sun. normally i will forget dreams because they are so fragmented and non sensical. but this morning i woke up thinking that this world was fake and my dream was more real.* the dream was more vivid, more rich in expereience even more real to how i think, than my awake life.

    maybe its a sign that i need to experience this life more fully, i always try and find some meaning in my dreams and alot of times it is about fully experiencing life because i know i dont. thats kind of hard to say, well type. but... know thy self.

    oh and heres the kicker i woke up and my family was all eating breakfast talking about dreams and i thought i was dreaming. life is such an odd predicament.

    anyone else have any weird dreams last night?

    * would it make sence that if we could maintain a really superb focus in our dreams that they would seem more real? like if our real world our focus was so poor and it is fragmented thought. but our dreams were really focused... man i suck at explaining thoughts. but does this make sence?
  2. I had two weird dreams last night.

    One my pop's died.

    Other one i was in my adult ed and three of my homeboys by me got arrested, And they said they're watching me. I was drinking out of a pint bottle of whiskey and had 2-3 bags on me. I hid them all and teacher knew it and was straight with it.

    Very weird.

    Much more detail but im not in the mood to post them again, I did that earlier in a different thread so check it out there.
  3. damn I had this dream once where i was in my bathroom and looking in my mirror and saw I had 3 sets of teeth with braces on all of them, I thought "wtf this has to be a dream" so I decided to see and jumped out the window and started flying, but the weird thing about realizing you are dreaming is that you totally forget it about 5 seconds later and you go back to dreaming normally.

    I wish that you could have total control over some dreams. Actually prolly not cause then Id never be awake
  4. Its called lucid dreaming
  5. anybody ever see waking life?

    -maiterya, i highly suggest you see the movie. it has a lot to do with what you are trying to explain there.
  6. yeah there are thing u can do to train your mind like mind control. some people have got to the stage where they can control there dreams.and do what they want when they dream.ANYTHING.and the good part is, you feel the effect and memory and everything that you do in the dream.and ppl deep into can go into deep stages like for example...............smoking or drinking in the your subconcious and body etc...basicly u can smoke less or not smoke at all while ur awake.for example instead of craving nicotine.

    ive forgoten what its called, but alot of ppl do it. and i know a handfull of people that have tried it and it works. i on the other hand have no time, and am suspicious of side affects...theres a phrase u have to reapeat ,,and a certain thoguth u have to keep in your head, and more shit...

    but basicly its true....

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