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    Yes the weaponry has advanced, but right along world population. Think of it like this. Imagine a war in 200 BC. This war may wipe out .01% of the world population.. considering the amount of people in the world today, wars maaay wipe out .05-.75%. Whatever the figure, we can agree im sure it has grown..

    Now think about this though. The world was not created to be overpowered by human technology. It had a much more minimalist idea for life. I realise wars/weaponry are not the Earths doing, but it is to be considered a natural human reaction to hold power. Consider violence and hatred to be emotions, just like smiling and being happy.. In this sense, you cannot remove what is already there. Happiness comes from self exploration and knowing yourself by knowing what makes you happy. Same goes for hatred and violence I think. Violence and war will never go away. It is in human nature. It is a very depressing fact, but it is one you have to learn to accept in order to grow and learn what hatred and violence is to you.

    At the rate of reproduction these days (kids are having sex youger and younger...), the Earth will soon be depleted of resources and left to fend for itself. By that time it will be too late. By creating wars, we are simply controlling the populus, unknowingly, which in turn controls the planet. Let's face it, humans are just a parasite as far as the Earth is concerned.

    My point is, I realise wars/weapons are a very tragic concept, and I don't agree with them, but do we not need some sort of population control. I'm not saying it is right, but nature hasn't always proved to agree with our concept of fair..

    As for song lyrics:

    Angels on the sideline,
    Puzzled and amused.
    Why did Father* give these humans free will?
    Now they're all confused.

    Angels on the sideline,
    Baffled and confused.
    Father blessed them all with reason,
    And this is what they choose?

    Monkey killing monkey killing monkey over pieces of the ground.
    Silly monkeys.
    Give them thumbs, they make a club to beat their brother down.
    How they've survived so misguided is a mystery.
    Repugnant is a creature who would squander the ability
    To lift an eye to heaven, conscious of his fleeting time here.

    Angels on the sideline again,
    Benched along with patience and reason.
    Angels on the sideline again,
    Wondering where this tug of war will end.

    Right in Two - Maynard James Keenen

    (consider "angels" as literal angels, or as a metaphor for people who grasp this concept and ask for change)
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    I too hope this is true! but without "change", it's just more of the same..

    Sorry for back to back long posts, but I wanted to post another Tool song to see if it could add to the thread..

    Intension - Maynard James Keenen

    Pure as we begin.
    Pure as we come in.
    Pure as we begin.
    Ruled by will alone.

    Here I believe he's saying our initial intention when born is to simply exist, which creates a sort of purity in the "soul".

    Pure as we begin.
    Here we have a stone.
    Gather, place, array.
    Shelter turns to home.

    Here I believe he's saying we use natural resources to shelter us from outside forces. This may mean a literal home, or a metaphor for finding what it is you believe. what do you think?

    Pure as we begin.
    Here we have a stone.
    Throw to stay the stranger.
    Swore to crush his bones.

    Ruled by will alone.

    I believe he's trying to say that once we have created our "homes", we will fight for what we believe in. Sometimes even at all costs.

    Spark becomes a flame.
    Flame becomes a fire.
    Light the way or warm this.
    Home we occupy.

    Here I think he's saying something small can escalate quickly. You can either use your fuel to fight for what you believe, or open your mind to interpretation and "burn" your structurised beliefs.

    Spark becomes a flame.
    Flame becomes a fire.
    Forge a blade to slay the stranger.
    Take whatever we desire.

    I think here he is explaining that again, emotions can cause escalation quickly. The path you choose can escalate into using force for what you believe.

    Moved by will alone.
    Pure as we begin.

    Pure as we begin
    Move by will alone.
    Leave as we come in.
    Pure as light.
    Return to one.

    This one kind of has me stumped. I believe he is trying to say that eventually we leave our initial pureness, but still have it within us. The light being something not constant, but available if you choose to use it, and if we all choose to be pure, we would be one? I dont know, what do you think?

    Move by will alone.
    Move by will alone.

    I hope this song can spark some conversation. Please post your opinions.

    You can read the lyrics here:
    And you can listen to the song here:

  3. Yes, this true self in which people are running away from...
    [ame=]Bob Marley - "Running Away" (Studio Out Take)[/ame]

    but no worries brother, for Mother Nature has given us the gifts to return...
  4. I love the ego vs. soul chart! Makes you realise what the world could be..
  5. i think evolution requires it
    we can't live all peacy peacy until we max evolution
  6. This is interesting... I agree with the statement, but do you think complete evolution is possible? I mean what would the word evolution mean if it were?

    Personally I don't find it possible. Outside knowledge is always being gained, whether it being technology, science, quantum mechanics, or space. I think all these factors mean evolution will be endless.
  7. Yes thank you Rastafari :smoke:

    that ego vs soul chart has been something I've been planning to design myself.

    I'm glad your path made you post that picture in my thread. Save me alot of time :D

    But this is the real change, erasing the ego
  8. You're wrong. How come nothing has been cured since Polio? Are the scientists not as smart? OR is it that the pharmaceutical company doesn't make money from cures just treatments(and they learned this along the way)? So tell me where the advancement in technology is so good we can land on the moon but not cure 1 of the diseases now prevalent in the world today.
  9. In order to do that, it would have to not exist, right? I mean the instant you create your ego, it would have to stay right? otherwise it would be de-evolution, if there is such a word?
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    Well there are many ways to do this

    Essential your mind is creating the ego. Our mind our amazing tools but we are literally 'living in our minds' for more than 80-90% of our days. (Thinking of the past and future, making wild assumptions and playing them out in videos of your head, just thoughts in general) But the mind is NOT you. Your more than that, your a spiritual being, you have a soul. Start observing your thoughts and telling yourself, "wait....that's not the true me"

    I highly suggest you read or look into "The Power of Now" & "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle. It has alot to do with erasing the ego and only living in your true self.

    Stop getting caught up in the past and future. Live in the now. There are no such things as problems. That is an illusion your ego has given you.
  11. It seems like you're claiming there have been no significant medical breakthroughs since the creation of the polio vaccine. I hope I am mistaken.
  12. Yes, as you are generalizing my statement. I do realize medical breakthroughs have been abundant over that time. I was saying no disease has been cured since the Polio vaccine and was questioning why that was. I also was commenting on the status of the pharmaceutical companies greediness in only being interested in treatments. The advancements I think you are referring to just keep people alive longer (possibly without better quality of life) just so they can keep selling them pills mitigating the problem which possibly already has available cure or could be cured within a short time if they were actually interested in curing diseases and not just treating them.
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    I understand where your coming from.. but to me, that is just creating a "soul" for the sake of change. Doesn't the soul side of that chart only represent what we invision a perfect ego? I mean in order to transfer to your soul, don't we have to use our brains? The one creating this image..

    Could I not argue living in ones soul is also an illusion? well as much as your ego..

    I should add this is only my belief.
  14. Yes I understand.

    I think our difference in belief is that the soul is the true and only real self. That's what you were born into and then taught into a ego-materialized society.

    So i would say no, living in ones higher self, soul, is not an illusion, it's the truest and realest you could possibly get.

    But all interpretations and beliefs are beautiful
  15. Ok, I still get where your coming from, but what caused this ego-materialised society do you think? I mean when man formed, there was no language I would think?
  16. Well I was generalizing your statement because you responded to fugit's post about the benefits of technology with "No, you're wrong," then proceeded to only mention that new vaccines haven't been created since polio (which is wrong by the way). Scientists are looking to find new vaccines, but it's not exactly easy to combat infectious diseases that are capable of rapid mutation. It's also worth noting that there are fields of health related technologies besides vaccine research that improve quality of life like stem-cell treatment and improved surgical procedures/equipment.

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