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Real Cannabis Butter *how To*

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by NoSmoking, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Real Cannabis butter!
    After seeing a sea of crap on making cannabutter I decided to give it a go!​
     In this short artical I will be teaching you how to make real cannabis butter from scratch. There will be no melting of butter here! This artical was writen by NoSmoking.
     Step one 1). Gather you're shake. Grind up all the trimmings from you're shake/bud to a tea like consistancy. You want to avoid grinding it into a powder so that straining will be easyer later on.
    Step two 2). Soak Grinded shake in alcohol. Vodka is a good choice. (Make sure the alcohol used is safe to drink, ie. no rubbing alcohol, and such). Approx. 1/3 cup vodka to 1 cup grinded shake. Mix in a cooking safe bowl. Allow cannabis to sit in alcohol for approx 15 minutes, then stir. Repeat that process 5-10 times, or however much you want. Strain out shake. Turn stove or oven on very low heat! Slowly evaporate the remaining alcohol. Now you have a consentrate. ^_^
    Step three 3). Combine 1 cup dairy cream, 1 tbs of consentrate (adjust to tolerance), and 1 tbs. of coconut oil in a large pot on low heat. Simmer ingrediants for 30 minutes to 8 hours not exceeding 165F. Avoid evaporation at all costs!
    Step four 4). Store the liquid in a mason jar, or other container. Let you're cannabutter sit for 12 hours in the open, uncovered. (If you are worried about debris getting into solution then you may cover it in cheese cloth or a mesh sheet, it must not be air tight!). You're cannabutter may smell slightly sour after the 12 hours is up, this is good.
    Step five 5). This is the fun part. Put a lid over you're jar of unfininshed cannabutter, and shake like a baseball bat in a downward motion. You want 1 shake every 1 second. This seperates the fat and other stuff. Now you should notice that the texture of the liquid in the jar has changed drastically. Open the jar and drain out all the thin liquid and put this liquid to the side. (This thin liquid is cannabis butter milk, good for things you would need buttermilk for). Left in the jar should be a clump of butter, now you are going to want to rinse it. Pour 1 cup of water into the jar with the cannabutter, close the lid and shake it lightly for a few seconds, pour out the water and discard it. Now you have cannabutter, and cannbis buttermilk! :hello:
    DONE! LOVE ME! :yummy:

  2. I like your angle on making butter from scratch. Winning.

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     It's good to see that you have an interest in edible cannabis, and it's a good start!
     Don't forget that you need to activate or decarboxylate your cannabis before you begin. Otherwise you're wasting a ton of potency, especially during  such a brief extraction containing so much water, because the majority of your cannabinoids are not even close to active (the old fashioned, non-decarbed canna butters made similarly with water contamination, require at least 15 - 24 hours of continuous heat to compensate, and still don't come close to the potency of a properly made butter or oil!)!
     Another thing to consider is that regular vodka just won't cut it - it needs to be MUCH higher proof than standard drinking alcohol!  At 40%, that's a very diluted solvent. Cannabis glandular material resists pulling apart and tends to remain clumped when surrounded by so much water.. when soaking in a lower proof alcohol you're more water-washing or 'water curing' your herb, than performing a useful extraction. This means the alcohol certainly changes and deepens in color, but this is because it's pulling in loads of inert material, while most of your active potency stays behind.
    You're thinking high proof Everclear, this is the 'vodka' people use when performing extractions. Worst case scenario Bacardi 151 can do the trick, but it will impart its own tannins and other flavors and colors, and it takes a bit longer to pull the same amount of material. :)
    And for the same reasons, you want to avoid using cream.
     Again, your solvent won't work well when it's so diluted, stripping potency is one thing but producing a bioavialable solution is another entirely, making it all the more important that your solvent is relatively pure if you want the most efficient, and potent outcome. That aside, by opting for cream rather than butter, or ideally clarified butter, you're inviting even more unnecessary proteins and solids into the mix which (if it matters) will dramatically reduce the shelf-life of your butter, but worse, it can also rapidly cause the butter to taste 'off' even before it's actually spoiled.
    Not only do we know that water-contamination is a BIG no-no when making edibles, and that water-butters are a (very wasteful!) thing of the past, but for the most success and efficiency the experts also go so far as to recommend using clarified butter, which is butter that has had its water content and milk solids removed! :yay:
     Even the best 'real' canna milks and canna creams, still begin with active cannabis and pure milk fat! :hello:
     Knowing this, you definitely don't want to start a canna butter with cream :p
     (When I was a teenager/young-adult, we toyed with making reverse canna creams that finished in butters and butter milks this way, just like the old churns... shaking cream into butter was something we did at scouts, there's even an old post on it in the CannaPharm with a few of my oldest edible photos! So I definitely know it's a lot of fun, and it feels rewarding making a 'reverse butter', but it's not really how a canna butter should be made :)  If you want to go to those lengths for fun, just make your butter from your favorite cream FIRST, clarify it, and then use that homemade clarified butter to make your canna butter!)
     Here is the original solvent transfer tutorial, instructing you how to successfully activate, extract, then transfer cannabis glandular material from a high proof alcohol extract, into a bioavailable oil or butter. :yay:
     It's the same process, beginning with a high proof drinking alcohol, extracting the glandular material, then transferring that potency to a pure oil source where it can form a bioavailable solution! :hello:
    BadKat's Highly Activated & Bioavailable, Med-Grade Cannabis Concentrate (Edible & Smokable recipes included... similar to RSO/Phoenix Tears & BHO, but bioavailable & made with food grade/drinking alcohol)

    -Medical Grade Cannabis Concentrate-

    If video tutorials are more useful for you, here is the World Summit edition of the CannaPharm information....
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     Here ya go!
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     Have fun! :wave:
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    ^ awesome
  5. Yes, that was the point of the alcohol. The compounds decarboxylate in the alcohol.
  6. But its not a high enough alcohol % is what I think she was getting at. Normally iso wash in this case is substituted for everclear because of the extremely high alcohol content. Vodka is 40%, Everclear is 90%..
  7. Alcohol does not decarboxylate.
    Also Everclear is 95% alcohol.
    In my experience 40% alcohol should be avoided at all costs.
  8. Well, Thats what I got from Jorge Cervantes.
    You still have to heat it though, it fully decarboxylates when boiling in the cream. I knows what I speak.
  9. #9 Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Jun 19, 2013
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    They don't decarb readily or quickly in alcohol.
    Nor does it in cream, the fats interfere with the decarb process since the solvation processes overrule them.
    Should be done separately.
  10. The directions say to do them seperatly. Read before you reply please.
  11. Perhaps you should read some before posting a ridiculous recipe.
  12. Where do your directions say anything bout separate decarbs? :confused:
    You even said it would fully decarb in the cream, which it wont...

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