real blueberry in van?

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  1. i live int he vancouver area , im wondering if anyone knows of REPUTABLE seed banks that sell blueberry ... that sweet fruity/ stinky tasty light green treat that i havent seen in years ,

    i ask because i do not trust seed banks i mean i come across hundreds of seeds all the time , whats to stop me from calling them "this" and selling them ?...

    so if anyone in the vancouver area has bought blueberry from somewhere and it actually turned out to be blueberry? let me know , thanks!
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    edit, i got mine from the doc.. and I trust him :)

    Dutch Passion. Real blueberry--
  3. u live in van why u need seeds when u can get clones of blue every where.i got blue in my room now and she looks tasty.
  4. cuz i cant get blueberry clones everywhere , all i can get are C strain , sometimes hashplant , or juicy fruit aka jamaican aka grapefruit....

    im not much for buying clones , last time i got random stuff , someone said it was called "happyface" the buds were tiny , off 4 1000w we got like 2.5 lbs opposed to almost over 4 lbs from other strains...... i dunno , seems in bc we cant get anything different

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