ready to pull? Trich pics :)

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  1. Just wondering if this is ready to pull - this was one of the little bottom buds.  I know she's getting close, and the top buds have literally gone 60-70% brown pistils..  I have two that are nearly the same, although I just sprayed some foliar nutes..  Will follow up with a lot of foliar PH'd water..
    My first harvest, so hoping to have some experienced guys give me some pointers :p

  2. You are spraying your buds with nutes?

  3. No, a foliar spray. Saturator and liquid light by Dutch master. Ph'd to 6.5. I was told by experienced growers to do it twice to three times a week.

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  4. But now just trying to use it on the still growing ladies and just use fresh ph'd water as a spray.

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    Foliar feeding?? That is complete nonsense. Spraying plants can bring on alot more problems than not spraying them at all.. So why do it?? 20 years of doing this and believe me ive tried almost everything.
    From the PIC I would say no it is not ready to pull. I do not see any trichomes that have started to go amber and most of them look clear.
  6. I'm gonna have to agree with the above poster..spraying buds with anything is never a good many problems can come from doing that. Either way you look at it, there's chemicals on the buds.
  7. Lesson learned then. Thanks guys.

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  8. Wet buds are a breeding ground for mold.

    I agree with everything said in here.

    Very nice pictures op. I wish I could get some on that level.
  9. I must contradict to this debate...
    I'm spraying my plant with enzyme fertilizer, it is also anti fungi and contain pure sugars - oligosaccharides, that give the plant energy for really awesome buds. never had a problem
  10. SO, you of one person does this and have great results.  Forever, growers know that sprayer your buds is asking for trouble.  Regardless if you can "get away" with it, it is not a good idea to spray ANYTHING on your buds.
  11. Agreed if you wanna wet the foliage do it in veg.
  12. Fwiw i dont foliar spray at all in flower.

    And OP, your trichs are immature.
    Good advice and common sense in here.
    ~ poke
  13. I done it and had good results...
    First problem was a high moister in greenhouse because of a lot of rain; 
    then mould start to developed between , I sprayed it with some natural preparation that increased the PH level and mould stops to grow and disappeared in some week ...
    second red spider, I used mixture of upon liquid and some natural insecticide oil.
    SocoGrow your plants are really bad, you are doing something wrong!!?
  14. I foliar spray, the nutes I use are designed to be sprayed but only in Veg and the first two weeks of flower.

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