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    Hey My plant has been flowering for about 7 ish weeks now, i was wonder if it would be ok to harvest but aug 17-19, due to me moving away to college.

    Thanks :)

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  2. you gotta do what you gotta do. im in the same boat. ready or not my girls are being chopped sept 12th. one month from today
  3. take it college where you can put it to good use, maybe show it off to the boteny class or plant it in the school greenhouse. id say you alittle past half way to being fully mature but every stain is unique so who knows. are you going to take it with you to dry it at college?
  4. I wish i could take it with me, but im moving to downtown San Fran. , CA. So i really cant take it with me. I was planning on chopping them down and drying at my place and cure while im over there.

    As long as it still gets me blazed ill be fine. These were free bag seeds so i have no idea what strain they are.

    This was my first grow too so next time im excited since i will know more. :)
  5. Yeah man your next grow should come out beautiful, cause look at those babies!

    As for the question, if it was me, I would wait a few more weeks before getting in there, but, you got a deadline, so, take what you can!
    Real good job though man.
  6. These past few months been fun watching them grow. The crazy part is i didnt use any nutrients or fertilizers. and i used dirt in my back yard :)
  7. Go for September 13th in memory of Tupac Shakur.
  8. ¿Qué?
  9. Try putting bags over them to set them on a 9/15 lighting schedule. Your buds may mature a little quicker.
  10. Sweet will do that :) anything that might help at this point would be nice :)
  11. you should really give em some nutes so they can get bigger and more potent and mature a little more before you chop....i say you use some molasses since they are budding and soon to be chopped....go get some molasses and it should help and make it DANKERRRRRRRRRRRRr
  12. and you can find molasses at a supermarket right? Do i just pour it on the soil or do i mix it with water?

    Should i use the whole thing at once or space it out?
  13. no you add it to the should probably do it every other watering till your done just cause your plant has never seen nutes before so it will prob be sensitive to them
  14. In your situation this is the best advice,i have seen several huge grows in amsterdam go to less light the last few weeks for several reasons.Going to a 10-9,or8hr. dark sched will cause the plant to mature faster than the 12/12.And make sure you use water only in the last two weeks.....FLUSH...
  15. Thanks for all the responses and advice :) my mom decided to push the move date 5 days later so it will allow another week before i will harvest on 8.24.08 compared to the 17th. with Bags put over the plants Im hoping to see an increase.
  16. brought a SLR to the grow site today... The bud is starting to make my mouth water :hello:

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  17. its gunna be a close one man!! id say wait until atleast the end of august but do what you gutta do.
  18. Harvest when 75% of he pestils turn colour.
  19. Lets just call them hairs.

  20. Most experienced growers monitor the trichomes, which turn from clear to cloudy to amber.
    It depends how you like your bud, I chop mine when the trichomes are about one third amber - but this is very much your personal choice, noone else can decide it for you. Good luck anyway.

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