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  1. Super new lol the setup is ugly these plants were a friend's and I took them in lol he did all the scrog. Just trying to get an idea of when these might be ready.

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  2. What's your light cycle?
  3. It's currently 10-14off I had to 12/12 for 55 days switched to 10-14 for a week now
  4. Double check that it's not 14 on and 10 off. (I'd still recommend 12/12)
  5. Okay will do! They still have a while I was thinking maybe 2 weeks tops?
  6. What's your pistil color changing ratio?
    They still look mostly white.

    Also start checking the trichomes daily for changes.
    Mostly clear = not ready
    All cloudy = getting close
    Mostly cloudy with some amber = you're there

    Depending on the strain, you could still be weeks off.
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  7. 2 weeks at the very least, start looking at trichs soon tho.
    Just make sure you check that timer too.
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  8. I will be checking the pistils next time I check and will let you know. So they still have a while okay thank you for your time and information
  9. She has a few weeks left IMO. your going to want to do a two week flush before you harvest so you're not smoking chemicals. you need to get your temps down it was 88° to 102° you could read it on your thermometer. and your humidity was up to 85% which is a danger zone for mold. I would pick up a Dehumidifier Asap for when your lights are off because it's really high it should be between 40 and 50% humidity and temps no hotter than 80 degrees if you can help it. you'll get Nice bud if you can get you Humidity and temps down.
    Good Luck

    Btw: like Pistils mentioned keep the light schedule on 12/12 until you harvest.

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  10. Not everyone uses chemicals to garden.

  11. I didn't say everybody uses nutrients! But if someone gave it to him I'm sure they were feeding it nutrients! He didn't say he was using No till!!!


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  12. I actually havent gardened using No Till methods in a few years now. I recycle my soil.

    No need to shout.

  13. I'm sorry if you think I was shouting, but I wasn't Jerry. I understand not everyone uses nutes, But most people think it's the only way to grow which isn't true at all. But IMO that's the least of the OP's problems. his temps are as high as 102 and his relative humidity is 85%. I read your threads on Rock dust in the organic forums. I'm trying to go No-Till know, I'm in no way trying to be disrespectful to you Jerry, sorry if you think that way.

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  14. No worries whatsoever Robbie.

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