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    I read some articles saying that you can still harvest even when more than 50% of the pistils are white. I would said 10% of this main buds pistils have turned to red. Using my jewers loupe about 2/5 trichomes have the mushroom shape. But I'm not sure if they are milky or cloudy. My jewers loupe is only 45x.

    My lower bud sites still have about 90% white hairs too.

    What do you guys think? How much longer?

    Btw the deficiency you see by the main bud is because I flushed thinking that it was ready to harvest. I think I messed up :/

    The last photo is a bottom bud from the lower part of her.

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  2. 4-5 weeks away from harvest, feed her if you don't want it to die.
  3. Thank you. I put some more Flowering/Fruit stage fertilizer spikes back in the soil this morning so I hope it can to recover from my stupid self.
  4. Because I flushed too early. How will that effect my plant
  5. I'm sorta going through this. Flushed everyone at the same time. Was perfect for my WWs, early for my NL and BB, but only by a week or so. I'm going to ride it out. Don't want nute flavour in my harvest. And the stragglers were supposed to finish faster! Plplplpl.
    Go by the trichs and pistils of the top buds. When I harv, I leave every bud who isn't ready. I can come back and clip them when they darken. On a big enough plant all buds don't finish at the same time, just like a fruit tree.

    If you flushed weeks early? Bad. A week or two? Not so bad. Your fans will die and fall off, but the buds will power through...hopefully.

    Be kind. Perfect your craft. Give more than you take. We are family.

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