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Ready to harvest? Trichome pics.

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by applesauce11, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. First post, pardon my mistakes.

    I'm having trouble telling clear from cloudy trichomes. Plant is outdoor, CA central valley (warm), 18 gallon container, 5.5 months old. Upper half of stigmas are withering.


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  2. Hey applesauce! First off, hello seeing as I don't think we've "chatted" before. Looks like your about where I am, but mine are indoors. The majority of your trichomes still look clear. I figure we both have at least a couple of weeks until harvest. You being outdoor, you might have a month. I've always been told that around here (I live in the Central Valley as well) you should never think about harvesting until at least October. I've never been able to have an outdoor grow, but I'm on my first indoor grow and loving it! Hope this helps!
  3. Thanks, Budlover. I had not heard about the October pattern for our area. Thanks also for feedback on the trichomes.
  4. my crystals around the "sugar" leafs are turning amber but the rest appear clear/milky, so i think i'll go week or 2 more but i dont think i'll make it to oct.

    just watch the thc, it knows best i would think lol
  5. harvest in october if you want them to be past ripening..... I would start flushing now and cut them down in a week to a week and a half... By then I'd guess that 1/4th of the trics would be amber... If you flushed today you could have a decent good grade harvest on the 21st... or you could wait a LITTLE bit longer and flush in a week and get maybe 50/50 cloudy and amber or a little bit more amber but you'd have a bigger yeild... it just depends on wtf you wanna do man lol:cool:
  6. Thanks all. About flushing. I have read opposing views and would like to know if anyone knows of a definitive source (actual experimental data where flush/no flush are compared under otherwise identical conditions, or, an expert opinion).


    [quote name='VIPSton3r']If you flushed today you could have a decent good grade harvest on the 21st./QUOTE]
  7. Sum harvest their plant at different stages depending on the high they want... for a up lift high, n no body effect, they harvest when a few trichomes are cloudy. then the up high with slight body effect, they harvest when a decent of trichomes are cloudy. n a heavy high with body effect, they harvest when more trichomes turn cloudy.
  8. You don't need to flush growing outside unless you used alot of chemical ferts near end of flowering.Shithead:)
  9. trichomes dont really matter too much. check out my thread in here. then you'll know if you're ready to harvest.
  10. they matter a lot thats where the thc is

  11. Trichromes do matter, to some extent. Most of the effects are based on the plants genetics and whether its sativa, or indica, or a hybrid. You want to make sure that they're potent before you harvest, (amber or cloudy.) The content of each only effects the overall effects of the buds slightly, not significently, unless you were to grow a specific strain to its full potential.
  12. If you want some good info on when to harvest, read Zeus's Take on Harvesting! It's on another forum and I dont know how cool it is to add a link to a different site, but if someone knows if its ok to, I can post it. :confused:
  13. there are good threads on harvesting right here on GrassCity, actually stickied right at the top of this sub-forum. Heres a good one by Rumpleforeskin

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