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  1. First time grower. Growing Rhino Ryder from FastBuds inside 3x3 tent in my garage. 400 Watt HPS and Happy Frog Soil with a Kind Soil base. (Kind Soil) I'm 8 weeks in total. I have had a few issues, including what appeared to be a nitrogen deficiency along the way but I have learned a lot from this forum. My question is if these girls are ready to pull or should I give them a few more days? Thanks.

    bud.jpg bud2.jpg
  2. Thanks. That's what I figured too. Just getting impatient and ready to start fresh. Your grow looks awesome BTW!
  3. Looking good I'd wait another couple weeks and let them swell up even more !
  4. Wait = weight.
    I'm in the same boat with mine. I'm getting impatient and thought that they were close to done and figured I'd harvest this week or next but 2 days ago there was an explosion of growth new white pistils everywhere. I know you want to smoke that sweet bud that you grew from seed, but a few more weeks will be worth the weight. Nice plant. Congrats
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  5. No wait tell the yellowing of the leafs and check weekly or daily on the tricromes under a 60-100x microscope there like 10-20$ on Amazon you want 70%milky 30%amber

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  6. Also autos always just about start turning yellow when there close to harvest it's not a nitrogen defecincy it's normal life of a auto homie

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  7. I also use kindsoil way Better than mixing liquid nutes just water when dry
  8. Yes it has been a breeze so far.
  9. Why is the plant in the dark?? Should never be in the dark or only for afew hrs

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