Ready to harvest? it's almost winter here

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  1. image.jpeg image.jpeg Hi
    I'm a first time grower from seed outdoor. Southern Hemisphere
    The first photo is a plant from the same batch planted at the same time, it's ready to harvest with small yet potent buds.
    The others don't seem ready and are still growing big upwards and out and lots of small buds, it's 1 month from winter here and i need to harvest them or they will turn to male
  2. They won't suddenly turn male.. Not going to happen.. Some strains just take a whole lot longer to finish then others.. Even 2 sister plants can finish a week or more apart.. As long as it doesn't get down to the frost point your still OK.. I'm in Southern California and I can flower outside all winter long as it never freezes here.. Hell it never gets below 40 degrees F here at all..
    Here is my spring set.. Your fall times.. I can let them go another month if I need to..
    I get my vegging done in a broken down old garden shed under some T5 high outputs and toss them out 4 times a year to flower..
    Get a cheap 60x child's microscope to get a good look at the trichomes.. I like a spray of amber like bad graffiti on a subway car..

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