Ready to harvest, confused about 24 hour darkness

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SeattleSeahawks, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. My deadhead is ready to harvest, I've heard keeping the cannabis plant in darkness for 24 or more hours while its still in the pot before harvest is good for more potency, I've flushed the plants a few times an water is coming out clear. Can I keep the plant in darkness longer before choppin it down or not? It's been sitting in my bathroom for 2 days tub fan blowing total darkness when is it time to finally cut it down, should I worry at all about anything else that can damage it?
  2. You don't need to keep your plant in darkness. It's all really myth's, although I chop mine in the night. Just to keep it stealthy ;)

    Also, your pretty much killing the plant, so there is no more harm than cutting it's flower's off anyways.
  3. Yikes im killing her slowly??? So i guess Best thing to do now is to harvest her now then? I just flushed her yesterday tho shouldn't I wait for the soil to dry?
  4. IMO I would let the soil dry out before u do the chop less moisture that the plant has in it the less dry time it will take. It wont make a huge diffrence but by a day or two. That's your main thing after the chop is drying then curing. In sense the less water it has available the less water that will be in the plant after the harvest.

    chill & smoke some bud!
  5. I agree.. I havn't tried leaving them in darkness so i personally don't know if it makes a diff or not. You for sure want to let the soil dry out some but dont let the plant wilt. Its a hole lot harder to trim a wilted plant. As for potency, genetics all the way. You start with good genetics and the guessing is gone. I never really thought to much about it before but now i know that its worth the time/money to get high quality beans or clones. which you probably have anyway. good luck with the harvest!
  6. [quote name='"Kushbushking"'] You start with good genetics and the guessing is gone. I never really thought to much about it before but now i know that its worth the time/money to get high quality beans or clones.[/quote]

    Totally agree on that this is my first grow and I've been collecting dank seeds over the yrs but never labeled them bad move on my part. I have 7 total and I'm pretty sure ech one is diffrent. Totally regret it. After this harvest I'm investing in some good beans that I know the gentics and wat to expect for yield size and flower time

    chill & smoke some bud!
  7. Some people put them in the dark to essentially dry standing. This also keeps the plant alive to finish without bud regrowth where a 10 hour cycle is not possible. The later being the best option for finishing. Light for 10 hours lets plant swell and ripen in final week without new growth. Look at your trichomes. If they are ready, cut em.
  8. Thanks a lot for the input guys. Ill give it another 2 days for the soil to dry then gonna chop her down :( to dry an cure. I'm gonna use the typical dryin technique hanging the branches upside down in a dark cool air circulated room, once the buds are dried do I have to use the paper bag technique to extract more moisture out or can I skip that an go straight to Macy jars to burp them?
  9. U can skip the bag.
  10. The whole purpose of the paper bag is to make the dry time less and it makes the buds really dryed out which is good cuz u won't be running the chance of getting mold when u cure them. But u lose more weight. It all just depends on how you want to do. There's many diffrent ways to dry and cure. Just got to pick which one best suits u.

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  11. I do extended dark at the end. It's not a myth, there is some anecdotal evidence, but I agree it isn't proven. Personally I think it helps. If you're going to do it then you need to give at least 2 days of dark -- whatever extended dark may do, it definitely can't do it in just 24 hours. You can go 4 days dark at the end and wouldn't hurt your harvest.

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