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  1. hello everyone... my plant is getting 16hrs of light and in that 16hrs it droops but in the 8hrs of dark that it gets it perks and looks real good :)
    why is this?
  2. When it's dark your plants will droop basically there sleeping as long as it perks up in the morning then you have nothing to worry about, also if you see small little white hairs there called pistols this is pre flowering and they are ready to flower.
  3. Every plant on earth droops when the sun just do not realize it as it happens slowly. Even a tree droops some well as much as it can being rigid. Then when the sun rises and hits it all the leaves point kinda toward the sun or up. You can see it on youtube via time lapse photography.
  4. I think he said it droops during the light and it lifts up during the dark periods... is that right?

  5. No i think he said it the other way round, there's no way it could lift back up in the dark periods because all plants droop in the dark.
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    Skunky... read his post. it says ...

  7. He had to of mistyped. A plant does not perk up in the dark.
  8. I know, I was only asking the guy if that was right... like did he mean to type that. I know that all plants "sleep" during the dark cycle.
  9. yeh i did meen to type that.... yesterday and last couple of days my plant has been droopy in the day n then perking up at night.
    i transplanted it about a week ago n then watered everyday after that so overwatered it... but haven't watered since friday now so could it just be perking up at night because the soil is getting dry and my plants coming back... it doesn't look that droopy today either...

  10. Maybe it's to much heat, droopy from heat and then perks up and is a little droopy in the evening just not as droopy as in the day.

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