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  1. Does these plants look ready to start flowering ? They are 34 days old now and about 12 inches tall . Its northern lights#5 x haze . I was told they could get pretty high once in flowering mode

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  2. They're supposed to double in size from the time you start flowering to harvest, so depends what yield you want
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  3. Here's the information you need to consider

    How tall are your pots

    Max height of light when you got it raised to its max height

    Distance needed between light and the top of plants

    So here you go my light is 64 and inches from the floor I need at least 8 inches between light and plant so now I'm down to 56 inches then my pots are 12 inches tall so now my max plants height is 44 inches I don't want to screw up so I flower when the plants are 20-21 inches in height and end up with a 40-42 inch tree in my tent you flower when your tent will be full don't get impatient let them fill up the tent they stretch their legs for two solid weeks and double up in size

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  4. Sure. They look ready to flower. They will double or triple in size during flower depending on whether or not you have strong enough light to flower under. But the bigger you let them get before they go in, the more you're going to harvest on the back side. We run on a 10 week cycle. By the time I flower a room for 10 weeks, I've taken clones and grown them to the size for flower. We grow primarily feminized White Widow right now and they're a tall lanky plant, but they're usually around 30-36" tall when they go in. The Blueberry strain I'm growing, is totally opposite. I vegged those suckers for 3 months and they've just now gotten big enough to start flowering them off. Some of them got more height on them than others, but most are short, squatty and bushy. Be as patient as you can be because like I said, the bigger the plant when it goes in, the more you get when it comes out. TWW
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