Ready to flower, worried about vents during winter.

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  1. This is my first indoor grow, just two plants/strains (Black & Medicine Woman).

    Plants are ready for flower, but I'm worried about ventilation and temps during the winter. I'm running 600w light with 6in inline fan, and I've disconnected the exhaust so the heat from the light stays in the tent during lights on.

    I'm mostly concerned about ventilation and temps during lights off.

    I have two 7 inch table fans opposite each other angles up. I am looking into an oscillating fan, but not sure how much air movement is needed proper venting and stem development. Will a 7 inch oscillating clip fan be enough, or do I need a larger one?


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  2. I have to run a space heater outside my tent in the winter, but I'm growing in an unheated gardening shed. If you need a space heater, do yourself a favor get one with a digital thermostat that you can set to what you want. I set mine just a few degrees higher then what I want inside the tent. I also vent my tent into the room the tent is in to help keep it warm
  3. Thanks for the tip. I'm also growing in an unheated, uninsulated shed. I have an electric radiator heater, but it doesn't have an electrical thermostat unfortunately. Thinking of just running it inside the tent on low during lights off (which is during daylight hours). Its in the tent now testing temps (plants are inside).

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    I put up some 2" Styrofoam insulation board, there's other cheaper ways to insulate, I can just get this free. Hang blankets on the wall as long as theyre not hitting a heater or light or even just the plug in. I hang an old sleeping bag over the door. Serves a dual purpose of not letting light out (i can drape it around me going in and out for stealthiness) or drafts in. Just get creative, it gets real cold around here, but its doable
  5. You need the exhaust fan running for fresh air. You say you're worried about temps but you don't mention what they are at the moment..
  6. Looks like you have just the one fan? Running through the hood? I'll turn the hood fan off in winter and run my exhaust fan on a speed controller. It keeps my relative humidity down as well as controls my temps. I also run a small heater to keep the space outside my tent @ 65* so at lights off my exhaust fan pulls that air in and keeps the plants warm.

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  7. Thanks for the info. I've been looking at ways to insulate the tent, and another grow buddy also suggested draping blankets, I like that idea

    Temps are okay now, but next week supposed to be in the teens at night, mid twenties during the day with lights off during daylight hours and lights on at night. Thinking of removing the glass form the hood I order to release the heat from the bulb before it gets cented by exhaust fan.

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  8. It's already getting friggen cold out, and Winds are blowing in some even colder air.

    Picked up a space heater for outside the tent, with venting duct positioned just above the heater to blow it inside. Took the glass off the hood which immediately brought temps up a few degrees. So far so good, but still looking for a few quilts to drape over the tent to help insulate.

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  9. How does the speed controller work? Do I need another fan?

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  10. I just plug the controller into my outlet and plug my fan into the speed controller. Don't need any extra fans or anything. I have an expensive one and a cheap one and they both work great. Some people think it takes life off your fans but I haven't had any issues. It's basically just regulating voltage.
    Are you running your lights at night? That's how I run mine. That way I can take advantage of warmer temps during the day while the lights out in my tent.

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    Watch for high humidity with your vent disconnected. I battled a outdoor shed grow last winter and it was not worth it IMO
    Also heaters can pull a lot of power so make sure nothing is overloaded.
  12. I do run the fan and light at night. It's currently 34 degrees outside, but in the tent maintaining 67-72. Thinkin a controller might be a good investment, but the last 24 hours have been very consistent so play it out for a week or so. Just finished training the two plants so gonna let them veg another week while I babysit the temps.

    Thanks for the input man! Stay warm... This "polar vortex" is supposed to freeze out the NW pretty hardcore.

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  13. Thank for the comment. The humidity has stayed super consistent despot the range in temps the last few days. The meter hit 67 today after watering, but that's the highest I've seen so far. Will keep posted.

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  14. I just turned my house heat on for the first time this year. Its getting into the teens here in eastern Washington and my room was 65f with 2,000 watts blasting.
  15. I wish I had the luxury of a furnace! Haha. Our farmhouse rocks wood stove. Warmer in my shed most of the time than in my house :)

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  16. Would like to see your training. Throw some more pics up, when you get a chance.
    You know it hahaha I'll be keeping warm with stuffed bowls and apple pie moonshine!

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  17. I'll get some pics up asap. I don't do a crazy amount of training, just enough to help expose flower sites in the middle of the plant. I basically super crop when very young, then wait til half way through veg and bend the branches as needed then tie them to bamboo steaks in order to space out the plant a bit.

    Temps inside the tent are totally stable, even though the ground is completely frozen, and covered with a crispy layer if frozen rain. I took off the glass to my hood, threw a quilt over the tip of the tent, and am rocking a space heater outside the tent. I killed all the fans accept my oscillating fan which brought the tent up about 5 degrees.

    Girls seem happy!!

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  18. So how many nodes below your super crop?
    I am still vegging baby's so I went to 24 hrs on to help keep my space warm. Temps are supposed to come up later this week, will prolly go back to 18 on when it does. Man, that's great you were able to survive the first cold snap! Looking forward to pics.

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  19. How many llights are u rocking? Two 1000 w? How many plants? This is my first indoor, and first time I've grown all to myself. Last few gardens were outdoor greenhouse with help. A bit different. I'm looking forward to maxing out The limit in my card, and my wife's card, but wanted to get used to the indoor behaviors before stepping up to quantity

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