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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by father_parkers, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. At the moment I have 7 plants growing indoors under some fluoros. They were started june 12th. At the end of the month I am planning on moving them outdoors. Around mid july I want to take some clones. Will these clones be ready to flower if I were to put them outside after they rooted.(would probably be put back outside around the end of july or so..)

    Also, at the moment I have 2, 20watt grow lux wide spectrum fluoro tubes. Do you think this is anough to keep my babies goin until the end of the month?(the 7 I have now...)........thanks.
  2. i dont think thats enough light for 7 plants try doubling it and it should be sufficient till the months out. why bother starting them inside why not just grow outside from the start? the clones will flower at the same time as all the other plants when the days get shorter.
  3. Alright cool, thanks alot. The reason im starting them indoors is because we've been getting alot of rain which wiped out about 20 of my plants last year. So im beeing a little more cautious.

    Oh yes, by the way..I have 2, 23 watt cfl's lying around, so i'll hook those up.
  4. Not getting clones rooted until end of July??

    Just seems all too late to me. You are giving yourself very little time for any vegetative growth.
  5. I'd bee surprised if they be ready before frost. Maybe you don't get cold weather though.
    Good Luck.
  6. Well considering I only started them July 12th, I thought they'd need atleast a month of growth before I took clones( which would be around mid july) then have 1-2 weeks to get my clones to root. Or do you think i'd be able to take clones earlier than one month of growth?

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