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  1. Hey GC. This is my auto she is only small but is looking and smelling lovely but I am not sure if she is ready yet. She's done her 8 weeks plus a bit more but having looked at the trichs they all still seem to be clear, aren't some
    Of these meant to be cloudy and some
    Amber too or is that literally just as she finishes they start changing colour?

    been using a 30x mag to see If she is ready but idk maybe it's my eyesight they all look clear....?

    Can any one tell me from this pic is she ready???

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  2. i would go a little longer.. let the hairs brown and receed.

    and remember.. it all depends how you like your smoke.. Amber=couchlock clear milky/= HEADY HIGH

    looks great though!!
  3. Thanks dude... But when you say amber white and milky are we talking about the hairs or are we talking about the thc crystals?
  4. we are talking about the crystals/trichomes. but but but... also you want the hairs to brown and receed into the bud.

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