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    Gday from Australia.
    I am new to growing and as I am approaching the time to harvest my plants, I wanted a bit of advice on how to do it and wether or not my plants were even ready.
    Basically I planted them last august. So they are 10 months old. By luck they are all females (I think). August here is close to the end of our winter. I have transplanted them twice into bigger pots. The pots they are in now are roughly 1 1/2 feet wide and about 2 feet deep. So they have plenty of soil. In their vegetative growth state I have tried to give them as much sun as possible and have sporadically fed them fishy concoctions of plant feed and new fertile soil.
    I was wondering if anyone could give their opinions on wether they are ready to harvest or not yet. They started flowering a bit more than 2 months ago and they seem to be growing very slowly. Unfortunately my yard doesnt have alot of light so the growing conditions have been less then ideal.
    Nonetheless they smell very fragrant and flowery. They have a bit of white crystaline powder in and around the buds which is positive. The buds are about the size of my thumb but the branches are very dainty, long and thin. The buds on one are alot bigger than the others, but they just dont seem to be getting much bigger so im wondering if it might just be that this particular strain doesnt get too thick with its growth.  would it be better to just harvest them now even though they are still pretty small?
    Its winter now and quite cold here in Melbourne so I'm thinking the cold and the rain is maybe stunting their growth a bit.
    I have pulled off a couple buds and dried them out to smoke and they give a bit of buzz but not full blown. Will that be better once i cure them?
    image.jpeg image(1).jpeg image(2).jpeg
    Do you think they will get any bigger than this?
    And when I do chop them down what is the best method of curing?
    Also if anyone knows what strain it is ide be interested to know.
    Thanks :)

  2. It will be ready to harvest when the leaves start to die out and yellow. And the final way to check is to take a magnifying glass to the buds and look at the trichomes. If they are clear it's not ready to harvest yet. If they are amber/cloudy then it is ready to harvest. Then you want to dry the buds out in a cool, dark place. When they are dry (the stems should be a little bendy still) you store them in mason jars until it has the preferred smell and texture you want. 

    ^ That should help you if I didn't ^

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