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Ready for when Probo Ends

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by TetrHydrCann, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. On Feb 23 my case is reviewed because it's the 6 month mark. I have outstanding drug tests, never missed or failed one. The judge said after 6 months of being clean I am off drug testing. On top of that i got my medical MJ card, just Incase the judge says no, I'll have my lawyer send a letter stating that I am now legally aloud to use it for medical purposes. Anyways, bought an OZ and got to rolling for the big day and many great ones after that.
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391749475.511378.jpg
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391749505.211555.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391749547.449722.jpg

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    12 King size rolled, 24 regular, 1 huge ass joint and 1 regular joint of roaches from 6 months ago went i had to stop . These are all rolled with Top Shelf bud.
    Total, 38 joints. :D
    Purple Wreck and Sour Diesel
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391749689.446512.jpg

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    this weed in our ranks LIED to get his medical marijuana card...gamed the mmj system because he didn't want to have more troubles with the law.
  4. This weed is from my friend that works at a dispensary that gave me it before I had my med card. Now I can get it myself now that I have a med card :)

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    oh let me make it clear for you...we know you are slow, you still can't figure out why gaming the mmj system is WRONG.
    YOU are the weed in the field of grass are a liar, a profiteering liar that plans to redirect mmj to other people for PROFITS.
    you admitted to it...
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    Redirect? I am a medical MJ patient and a Medical MJ caregiver to my patients :) I am not breaking the law lmao

    Also, anyone who is a caregiver does it got profit.

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    you are a lair
    you keep keep making up lies or changing your lies to cover for lies
  8. Muwhhahahaa lol

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  9. You two fight like a married couple haha!
  10. Ha, you should see my other thread lol, he's really passionate about not lieing and never breaking the law and being this perfect little soul. Loll

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  11. Yeah I noticed! Lol. I can understand both points of views though. You did lie nd all but the problem ain't really on you is these doctors that make it look shady. Regardless, Marijuana can cure so many things it's actually kinda hard to think of a reason not to get medicated. Plus if it helps a fellow blade stay out of the system then fuck it!
  12. Exactly, and yea they made it to the point where litterally anyone can get it. Depression? I just broke up with my GF and I'm depressed so deeply, or anxiety, muscle spasms, back hurts, head aches.... And so on and so on...

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  13. Stress and anxiety are qualifying conditions in some states, im sure this man has plenty of that from these hassles hes going through. To call him out over 'gaming the system' is too far, take a look at the system. Congrats on getting your card, looks like a good time come the 23rd.
  14. You, ordering the Mobius 65T Stereo Matrix on ALT this comming week. My financial aid check is comming in the mail. Maybe I'm a lier there too because I get paid partly cash and hide my income from the government and get free $ to pay for my school. lol

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