Ready for havest or not

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Ready to flush

  1. Yes

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  1. these are my pineapple chunks 12weeks not sure of they are ready to flush.

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  2. Funny lookin' pineapple.:coolalt:
  3. What u mean truth lol
  4. are the trichomes as desired and are all the hairs brown or white
  5. Most are brown
  6. Looking from afar.. that looks like it could do 2 more weeks.
  7. 30x lighted Loupe is under $10 at Amazon..ones for your smart phone are only a few $$ more;)
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  8. Thanks started flushing doe
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  9. The diameter of a strong healthy stem is a good indicator of ready to crop and pull.
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  10. What should it be
  11. Depends on strain..
  12. Pineapple chunks
  13. Wrong section but eh.
  14. I've checked the pictures,look fine and ready for me. But I agree with Jane to wait for 2 more weeks, maybe 3 more much better.
  15. i think 4 weeks i let mine go a little longer to fatten up
  16. Couple weeks maybe even three. You're close...
  17. Ive startrr flushing should i feed or just carry on with water

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