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  1. Its my first time growing. i dont know if i should harvest now or wait a bit longer. the buds are turning redish but some are purple still. i dont know what kind of weed it is but if someone could tell me that would be fucking awesome

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  2. It's a sativa dominant plant forsure.. I would say another 2 weeks wouldn't hurt it.. :].. but I don't think she's gonna grow much more..
  3. ya looks like u might want to wait a little bit. they will swell up along with getting realy covered in crystals
  4. about how long i planted this plant begining of may and now its too cold outside so i have it with a light in my shed
  5. That plant looks very good! Those buds look amazing. Look closeley on the buds themselves, and check the pistils. All or most of the hairs should be dark red/orange. I would let it grow for another week keep it outside as much as you can, unless your light is a growing light. Flush the plant for a week or 2 then I would harvest it.
  6. thanks its my first grow so im pretty happy. what do you mean by flush the plant?
  7. he means use pure water, with no nutrients. if u have been using nutrients, discontinue them for about 1-2 weeks before u harvest the plant. to heplp purify the plant.
    what kind of light is in ur garage/shed ? u could try to put it outside as much as possible while the sun is out and its not raining
  8. ^^ thats flushing, just use pure water for a week or 2. flushing will get rid of any extra nutrients that may have built up in the plant. So your buds will be nice clean and fresh.
  9. DMX i like ur "i HEART mids!" that hilarious
  10. im using a floresent light thanks guys
  11. I don't know why you would take your plant out of the natural environment to a shed with florescents.. The cold is great for the plant, if you drop the temps the last 2 weeks of your growth you double resin count, also you may end up with purple bud if you have a correct purple pheno.
    I let my plants sit in 38F degree weather at night,(some nights) and they do just wonderful, I prefer it to get cold:)
  12. ^ i got some ww thats turning purple
  13. your plants look terrific! they look about the same size and shape as mine. did u top them once? I topped mine once and they look roughly the same size i will check this thread to see how much urs weighs with harvest so i know what to expect for mine. nice and frosty too man nice job
  14. i have 37 branches but the thing is the weed is very light its not dense yet i dont know if i have to let it dry more or i just cut it too early

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  15. Nice harvest. I wouldnt worry about the buds being fluffy. You grew a plant outdoor, you had no control of how it grew. But all in all what a great fucking harvest wow off one plant. Im jelous to sAy the least. have you tried a sample yet?
  16. Nice my man!

    I too just harvested my first plant.

    Just tried it out, not the best, but it tastes delicious and one bowl to my dome gets me goin alright for a little while=p
  17. ya man i have tryed pretty good i dont smoke usually but i tryed it a few nights ago and it was sick the first joint and than the second joint to get the high back it just all flew down hill my body went numb my friends had to hold me up haha but someone that does smoke everyday sayed that it numbed his face

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