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  1. White widow 8 weeks flower

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  2. White widow #2 @8 weeks

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  3. White widow 8 weeks

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  4. Thanks for the awesome pics. I'd personally let her go a few more weeks - at least one minimum. I think she still has weight to put on
  5. Ok alright I'll post pictures of them in a week. I've had white widow in the past that went 10 weeks but I'm not a professional learning
  6. Damn man they're looking amazing for 8 weeks! Mine are at ~11 now.
    But yeah man give them one more week, flush out the soil / hydro system depending on what you use.

    For soil, you basically just use plain water for a week straight to flush out all the chemicals and nutrients still left in the plant, so she doesn't taste odd when you harvest!
  7. Yesterday I filled a 55 gallon drum with water and bubblers. Went to the hydro store picked up a new ph meter 90$ and a bottle of sludge hammer. By fox farm I think. Half teaspoon per gallon. Every gallon bag got a five gallon of ph water with sludge hammer. Each five gallon bucket I have growing got 2 five gallon buckets to them. The ph was 7.0 going in the runoff was 6.4-6.7 needless I feel that my ph of my soil is low I might do this again in a week. If I can't rais the ph by normal water. I feel I should able to achieve proper ph with 2 waters or so.
  8. Yea let em go alittle longer your almost there.could chop now if u wanted when u hang her theyll change anyway just depends.

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