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  1. Hello, first time grower here, ive been growing a plant for a couple months now and had a question. I have read that switching to a 12/12 light time will force the plant to bud but i was wondering if i should go ahead and switch the nutrients before i see any actual bud. Just you know im using a hydroponic system i bought from which btw DID NOT have all i need to grow and had to find the rest of the stuff i needed from various websites. In addition im grow the cinderalla 99 strain in my closet. Any and all help would be appreciated thank you.
  2. There’s different theories on that. The argument for continuing to give it veg nutes is that the plant is still growing and hasn’t started concentrating on flower production so it still needs a formula that’s geared towards growth. The argument for giving it flower nutes is that the plant is gearing up for the flower phase and flower nutes will help it get started quicker. Me personally I wouldn’t give it flower nutes until I see the buds start to form. Deciding when to switch is more of a personal preference in my opinion, either way you’ll be fine as long as you don’t over do it on the nutes.

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  3. Damn thats the best anwser if come across so far thank you ill wait then and keep giving it the veg nuts for now and see how the 12/12 light shedule effects the plant
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  4. Thats what it looks like today just around 2 ft

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  5. If you spread the plant out you’ll greatly increase your yield by allowing parts that wouldn’t get adequate light to produce. Stretch is really going to add a lot of height to that plant.

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  6. I only use bloom nutes from start to finish.
  7. I use grow nute until the stretch is over. As soon as it's done stretching ( usually 2 weeks once 12/12 is induced)

    Then i switch to the flowering nutes.
    These autos are 4 weeks old tomorrow, they're starting to stretch and I'm using for nutes for now. [​IMG][​IMG]
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  8. Another question i have is since i only have the one plant should i adjust the nutriunts i put in it or just follow what the instructions say

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