Ready for 12/12?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by YourGod11, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. Ok, here's some information about my first grow:

    5 150w (2600 lumen) CFLs on 3 plants
    Soil is a mix of MG Organic Soil, perlite, worm castings, and bat guano
    Fert is Pure Bloom

    Are these ready for 12/12? I'm not too concerned about yield as I am observing this grow as it is my first one. Wanna learn the ins and outs and what to look for. Would now be a good time to switch the schedule? I haven't done everything perfectly so they're a little rough.

    Here's some pics:
  2. yes, you can put them on 12/12 now, but i would wait till they got a little bigger, and maybe invest in a couple more lights for it, too.

    i would wait another 3-4 weeks before i start flowering, so you get the best of your hard work, i wouldnt wanna put all that work into my plants for a weak harvest, so, better safe than sorry :)

    ::edit:: i didnt see that you dont care about yeild, but still man, they look like some damn healthy plants, i would let them grow bigger, but yes to answer your question, 12/12 seems to be fine and would yeild successful, and even if its your first grow man, try to make BIG BUDS
    (plants double to triple in size while flowering, btw)

    marijuana is a forgiving plant, you can make a few mistakes and they will usually recover just fine, depeinding on the strain sometimes.
  3. The plants are already about 6 weeks old. That doesn't matter, does it? They got off to a shaky start, hehe.

    I guess I'm just eager to get this grow over with so I can start a new one with some decent known strains. At least 2 looks like females so far :D

    I'll give them another few days and figure out what to do. Going out of town in a week, gonna miss my babies.
  4. Thats the size I switched my current grow. cuz I'm on a deadline, but you could go longer if you chose to, it's up to you really. By the time you determine sex (1-2 weeks) they will have grown alot more, I switched mine over, raised my light about a foot, then left for a week and when I got home I had little white hairs and they were damn near touching the lights!
  5. That is awesome! It's what I was hoping to happen. Take a nice little vacation, come back and bam, buds aplenty. Maybe I'll 12/12 right before I leave to see the most dramatic improvement.
  6. those are 150w output but acciallty 40watts right?.... if i were u id deffinatly add 1 or 2 more lights right when u put them into flowering... it would help alot:D
  7. Yes, you are correct on the wattage. I will try and add at least one more, thanks for the tip!

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