Ready for 12/12 preflower question

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  1. Alright my plants are about five weeks old now and are showing preflowers and was thinking its female:D what do you think? I plan on throwing them into flowering just wanted to hear any suggestions before I go ahead and flower. I plan on using appox 260W under 90% 2700k and 10% 6500K. does this sound good? How do they look for a newbie?

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  2. Hi, they look great to me but i'm on my 1st grow too.
    An I would like to see what people say to this thread for a bit of knowledge.
    Look good tho bro. 
    What feed u using? I'm in the UK.
  3. A blend of lights is good. The sun does not output one spectrum. Plants will like it. You really cant tell if there female until you get into flowering.
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    Absolutely nothing yet just plain tap water from a well. I will be using big bloom once flowering comes along
  5. just an update I am gonna put them under flower starting this thursday morning. one is 17inches and the other is pushing 14 inches. hoping both are females!!! What do you think of how theyre looking?

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  6. Looking good! You will know soon if there girls. Took about 12-13 days of flowering for mine to show now there on day 17 and all showing.

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