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Ready Clean???

Discussion in 'General' started by chaydaw, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. Havent posted here in awhile...feels good to be back around..anyway...Havent been able to smoke in awhile either becuase of random drug tests for college tennis...anyway i picked up a bottle of Ready Clean made by Detoxify...I was wondering if those cleansing drinks actually work for drug tests...if anyone has any experience with them or knows those who have i would appreciate any feedback...thanks a lot....

  2. Posts: 1 ....?

    and yes, they work
  3. dont waste your money. all you gotta do is drink enough water the day of the test to make your piss absolutly clear, then color it with some B-2 and your set.

  4. well he registered back in may of 03...

    i've heard great and disappointing stories from detox drinks. Some say they work wonders, some say a load of shit. I say why risk it and use a method thats proven. if you have a few days to prepare, start off by exercising like crazy so you sweat your balls off. (this breaks down fat cells which thc is absorbed in). Next, drink a shit load of water the night before the test, piss a bunch and take some vitamin b-12 to make your piss not look so water diluted.. then midstream your sample (starting pissing in the toilet, and then go in the cup, then end in the toilet again). And thats how you pass a piss test...
  5. yes one post in grasscity...i was an original member when this discussion board was still under yahooka's name...thanks for the info i really appreciate it

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