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Ready Clean Detox drink

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by bassmann, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. How does this stuff really work? It is called Ready Clean. I have a job interview later today and I am not sure if I am going to get drug tested today or another day. I bought some Ready Clean for $20 yesterday. My buddy recommended it to me. He took his the day of the test, but he knew when his test was going to be (his test went well, by the way). I do not. What i really am asking is, If I drink this, do I stay "Detoxified" or does this only make me clean temporarily? If I drink it now, will I be clean 3 or 4 days from now? Or will it only make me clean for a day?
  2. read the instructions...but the ready clean i use, i drink an hour before my u.a. i think thats what you should do with yours. ask what your friend did, but, i recommend drinking it an hour before your u.a. , maybe 2 hours.
  3. he did the same as you. Anyways, I already drank it. My interview was 3:00, I drank it at 2:30. The reason I did this is because a friend of mine worked there lat year and they wanted to test him that day, with a home test right off the shelf of that store. Lucky for him the tests were expired so he didn't have to test. Anyways, I probably shouldnt have downed it but it is too late now. They didn't test me yet. Im just going to keep drinking tons of water and take my vitamins and hope for the best. Im supposed to find out tonight if they are picking me (they still had 2 more interviews after me).

    Maybe that drink will actually help "detoxify" me. Im not sure if that is what it does or just makes you clean temporarily. I could go buy another bottle if i find out i need to get tested soon, but that is another $20 =(
  4. i dont think so. i think it masks it. your best to just pay the other 20. either dont pay the 20 and lose out on tons of pay checks. or do pay the 20 and make monthly income.....
  5. read the instructions, and follow them appropriately. a lot of people say omg detox drink didn't work but thats because they don't follow the god damn instructions. if i were you, i would spend the extra 20$ and buy another just to be on the safe side. good luck.
  6. Ready Clean does NOT detoxify you. I repeat - DOES NOT :)

    What RC (and other similar detox drinks) do is simple dilution. The drink itself is an herbal blend designed to make your piss appear normal, even though it's completely flooded with water.

    When you drink tons of water, it messes with certain chemicle levels they test for in your piss (Creatine and others)... This lets the lab know if you're diluting or not... When you drink a "detox" drink, it adds these chemicles back to your body in the proper proportions so the test doesn't come back as "diluted"...

    If you want something that will ACTUALLY get the metabolites out of your system you need things that speed your metabolism (Niacin, Green Tea, Exercise, etc.)... But don't take the Niacin unless you have some time to get clean (preferably a week).

    If I were you, I'd dish out the other $20, and follow the instructions EXACTLY. I did this for a Military UA and passed with flying colors using a similar drink.
  7. thanks for that info. never knew exactly how it worked. just knew to take an hour before ua. ha.

    i dont ask questions. i just exist.
  8. Thanks for the info. That's kinda a bummer that I am going to need to get another drink. I may be wasting my money all together on this if i end up not getting tested, but i guess i should just be safe and do it. $40 is a small price to pay for a weekly pay check i guess. And I really need the money because I got busted about week ago (the last time I smoked) with a gram or 2 by a cop, so I am going to have a heavy fine of a few hundred bucks in my future. I was pulled over for the stupid seatbelt law we have here and he smelled it on my breathe and searched me =(
  9. Dude... it comes down to this. Is that job worth $40 bucks? If so, then what's the hold up? Priorities, man.
  10. DO NOT READ THE DIRECTIONS, they're bullshit! i have to take urine test for my probation officer and i always use ready clean and pass with flying colors. the ready clean last for 5 hours but work best in the first 2 to 4 hours. drink the entire drink then drink about a gallon of water. i can never drink a gallon so a half gallon is good too. your urine comes out diluted so if you want to take a few vitamin b-12 to give your urine some color that works too. Oh and make sure you have an empty stomach so the ready clean can attatch to the wall of your stomach and not food.

    hope i helped!

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    FIrst: This post is over a year old. You really went grave digging for this

    2nd: it's totally fucking illegal for them to do testing at a NON LAB. Let alone an at home test. They can't do that by law; have your friend read the law in his state first but I guarantee they can't go use hometests and test at the place of business. that = lawsuit right there.
  12. so ready clean works?? i bought one of the drinks and the herbal supplement capsules, cuz i have a drug test for a job interview on monday!
  13. Somewhat, re-read what Cottons said. This is very useful. Thank you.
  14. Ok, lets just skip the BS and get down to it. I have to go to court on April 8th for the following charges; Posssetion of a controled substance an pariphinalia. None of it was mine and none of it was found on me, so I am pleading not guilty in court. To back this up I intend to piss clean if they do drug test me which I am sure they will. Giving me just over a week and a half to get clean.

    Assuming they DO make me drop I have a two questions.
    1) Will it be on the same day as my court date?
    2) I have just over a week and a half till the 8th, is there a better more reliable way to get clean than this 'magic elixer'?
  15. Does READY CLEAN show up on a laboratory drug screen? can they detect it as a diluted specimen or a blocker? I have used it before but it was for a blotter test and they aren't as detailed. Any info will be helpful. :D.
  16. Hey, I am new at GCis and I have the same problem as you did in october....my question is, where do I buy ready Clean??? thank you !!
  17. You get it at natural earthy type stores. There are only two ways of passing a dtest, substitution or dilution. Ready clean dilutes, and gives your pee a good color, and creatinine levels.

    I'd give yourself at least a week of no smoking. I have known many people who think it is some miracle bottle, and smoke the day before a test and fail w/ it, and then cry to me and say it didn't work.

    If you are really fat or even a little fat, then give yourself more time then a week.
  18. The guy at the store I bought it from said after you take the drink and drink a bunch of water you should pee 5 to 6 times before the test. True or False?
  19. combat herb with anther plant such as nettle. Pick fresh nettle and make nettle tea, it purifies blood and makes you pee alot
  20. I have used this product many times. Works most the time except that one time when I was trying to get a travel permit from my probation officer. I followed the directions to the T like every other time, ,but this time I failed really badly. But I still recommend it as a dilution kit rather than detox.

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