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  1. Anyone got any superb high reading? Lol, I don't really. But I have found I enjoy fiction MUCH more than non fiction when I'm high.

    This summer I read the following high:
    Howard Stern Private Parts
    Stephen King Tommyknockers
    Stephen King Misery
    Marc Cerasin Godzilla 2000
    some Albert Einstein book (forget the name. surprised?)
    and mad ESPN the Mag's.

    Lol, the godzilla book was from back when I was in 7th grade. I came home high and had NOTHING to read (tv just dont do it for me as much anymore, reading is simply the superior form of entertainment) because all of my Dad's books were in his room and it was late at night. And I get most of my reading from his collection.

    Howard made me crack up more than a few times. Tommyknockers was great too, but I enjoyed it just as much sober, oddly enough. Godzilla wasn't bad and it was a quick read. Killed it in about 5 days.

    The best was probably Misery. I really grew to HATE the antagonist, which is a testament to how good King is. I never really dislike the villian, and often times like him/her, but this time... UGH I HATED THAT FUCKIN BITCH.

    If you don't read when you're high, I highly recommend it, if you can handle it that is.
  2. i love reading when i'm baked. I read much slower but i visualize the story much clearer. Philip K. Dick has some great stoned reading material: Divine Invasion, Ubik, The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? of course
  3. not my thing, but some people like it a lot. i can be a patient person, i just would rather do other things than read.
  4. Its gotten to the point were i can no longer walk into Barnes and Noble not stoned, reading about transcendentalism and metaphysics, HAHA.
  5. If you like King I HIGHLY recommend the Dark Tower Saga starting with the gunslinger. Absolutely captivating book and is epic in so many ways. Unfortunitly I have to stop my other books to finish Crime and Punishment for my AP class.
  6. i like to read sober preferably, cuz when i read high my mind wonders whiel my eyes keep reading, like i'll read something and then my mind will start to elaborate on it n half way down the page i'm like "i dont know what the hell i just read"
  7. I do that sober constantly. Probably why I'm a slow reader. :p

  8. If I'm really really high I do that too. We smoked 4 grams one time this summer and when I went home to read before bed I found I was having a really hard time doing it. If you get too high it's too hard to keep focused.
  9. i recomend "Blow" even if you've seen the movie its still a great read
  10. harry potter all the way :)
  11. Anything by Kurt Vonnegut, Charles Bukowski.

    Definitely One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey, The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger. If you have the time... Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

    A couple classics to start you off
  12. my girl always gets me to read her stuff...she reads stuff like chistopher buckley...its actually good stuff for a quick read and some laughter

    pick up boomsday by was hilarious...
  13. I hear you. That's a dannnnngerous combination.
  14. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

    It's a really good book.
    It's a light read filled with tons of fucked-to-the-extreme illustrations.
  15. Chances are if I'm reading a book, I'll read part of it high. I named my bong after a book actually. The Bong of Ice and Fire after the series A Song of Ice and Fire (and it's red and blue, which helps).

    Sometimes reading high is sort of hit or miss though. Usually I'll get really into it but other times my mind will just wander.
  16. Try anything by Robert rankin,
    Kind of urban fantasy theme hes got going.
    I always enjoy him more when im stoned.

    Or Jack Vance for your science fiction,
    Honestly the man is so good he makes you part of the story.
    In particular the lyonesse trilogy.
    Give them a look ^^
  17. I do just about everything high, so ...yeah. :D I don't notice a drop in my reading speed. But, not to sound full of myself, I'm a pretty damn fast reader.
  18. i love reading when high. i find i get really into the story and really enjoy it or sometimes i get a headache and decide im too high to read. its harder to read when i get mids cuz my patience is less but when i smoke dank i love to dive into a good book
  19. im planning on reading wizard of the oz and alice in wonderland high.

    has anyone else done this ? if so was it as you exspected ?

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