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  1. Recently in my relaxing time after work I have been smoking and curling up with a stephen king book. It's pretty stimulating reading while high, I really get sucked into the story and the images portrayed by text are vivid in my mind. Sometimes I get really paranoid reading a scary story high and will find myself looking over my shoulder quite often.
    Any other blades love to read a good book high?

  2. one fish two fish red eyed stoned fish
  3. Dr. Suess is the biznezz. 
    He was a fucking genius 
  4. nah i always lose concentration.  my mind will wander too much.  10 minutes will pass and ive realize im still on the same page not knowing what the fuck is going on. i envy you and your ability to read high (not doubting you can do it whatsoever)
  5. I like reading the book of Mormon while stoned and listening to classical Bach. Such a peaceful time
  6. this is pretty much me lol i like reading a good book but after ive been smoking i just cant focus at all.  ill look at the same sentence over and over and just laugh haha. i try to comprehend the text but it just doesnt work for me. i feel like if i could read while high it'd be fun. and to be honest this thread makes me a lil envious that i can't focus on a book while high.
  7. Yup. I was just browsing amazon for a new ebook to start, since I'm almost done with Richard Preston's "The Demon in the Freezer." I'm thinking some Sherlock Homles next... :)
  8. Probably my favorite high activity. You described how I feel perfectly. It amplifies the joys of reading so much (IME).
    Then again im just a book worm :smoke: squirmy squirmy
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    Can't beat a hardbound copy though. The look, the feel, the taste, oh the taste...
  10. i cant see shit when im high, let alone read a book
    The Kindle is what got me into reading. It's just so convenient. My favorite tool is definitely the built in dictionary. Any time I don't know a word, the definition is right there at the touch of a finger. 
    Sure, it's not the same as a real book; it's missing those novelties. But it has a bunch of useful features that the nerd in me accepts as reasonable trade-offs. :)
  12. I keep a reasonable mix of eBooks and regular hard copies in my collection. EBooks and offs are just so incredibly convenient on my phone.

    I'm baking on edibles right now and reading :smoke: Awmahgod :smoke:
  13. I like to read high if I can... I need to really get into it and that does not happen very often, although if I make it it's amazing!

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